Tips for Getting Pregnant after Abortion

Pregnancy after abortion may not easy majorly due to the physical and mental trauma the woman faces. However, the life goes on. Hence, if you had an abortion and wish to get pregnant against, here are some tips to follow in order to make sure you take the right path:

The Preparation

Are you prepared? This is really important because getting pregnant is also about staying fit physically and mentally. You should talk to your partner and make sure both of you are mentally, physically and emotionally ready for the next child. Make sure you don’t decide under pressure.


You should wait for some time and allow some ‘periods’ pass on smoothly. The periods should be normal and pass on without any difficulty. This is a strong indication that the menstrual cycle has returned to normal and the chances fertilised ovum survival has also increased.

Professional Consultation

Your next step should be to consult your medical practitioner. He is the better person to tell you whether your body is ready to conceive from within. Also make sure you discuss all aspects and make certain the pregnancy is safe for you at a specific period of time. Your health care practitioner will give you the right advice regarding your body.

Health Tab

It is important to keep tabs on your health after abortion. Know whether your body suffered from any kind of damage internally because of the abortion you had to undergo. It always works to know how your body is faring at present.

Prepare your Body

It is not possible to have a healthy pregnancy. For this, you need to eat healthy, quit smoking and consumption of alcohol. Also cut down on your caffeine intake. You should also take good care of staying active, practice yoga or do exercise. Also increase intake of vitamins (consult your GP).


Did you get adequate rest after abortion? This is really important and doctors usually advice to take rest for about 6 – 8 weeks after abortion. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions.


You need to have sex frequently to increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, you must get advice from your doctor before resuming sex life after abortion.

Ovulation Period

Ovulation kits are easily available these days. Buy one to find the actual ovulation days. This will help you get pregnant sooner.

Precautions After Sex

Elevate your hips and stay without moving for at least 20 minutes. This trick will help you get pregnant easily and sooner.

Following the above stated tips will help you get pregnant without difficulty and faster. Some women may have problems getting pregnant after abortion. However, this is quite rare cases especially if there is severe damage inside.

The key is to prepare yourself mentally and physically before getting pregnant after abortion.



These tips are really worth, thanks buddy but i have a question about my second pregnancy. Taking contraceptives pills are fine to conceive further?

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