Types of Miscarriage

Although the term miscarriage means pregnancy loss, the condition can be categorised into many types.

Here is a list of various types of miscarriage that can terminate pregnancy:

Chemical Pregnancy

This usually occurs in case the egg is fertilized but doesn’t implant itself or fails to develop properly inside the uterus. Women may feel that they pregnant due to the missed period but the ultrasound will show no gestational sac or placenta.

Blighted Ovum

This is described as an “anembryonic pregnancy.” In this case, the fertilized egg attached to the uterus wall has started to develop a placenta but will not develop into an embryo.

Missed Miscarriage

This is the situation where an embryo or fetus dies but fails to leave the uterus. The situation is rare. When it occurs, the signs are visible as symptoms of lost pregnancy symptoms and/or brownish discharge.

Incomplete Miscarriage

This type of miscarriage occurs when only some of the tissue leaves vagina through heavy bleeding. Women tend to experience bleeding and cramping due to dilated cervix. The pregnancy tests may give positive results but the fetus may have not survived.

Threatened Miscarriage

It is important to take special care that any bit of vaginal bleeding may be a sign of a threatened miscarriage. Under these circumstances, the cervix usually remains closed. Additionally, the heartbeat of baby can be detected. It is crucial to note that in roughly half of these cases, women who encounter threatened miscarriages usually continue on to have healthy pregnancies.

Regardless of the kind of miscarriage one suffers from, it is crucial to understand that a health care practitioner is the best judge. Hence, it is important to visit a doctor at the first signs of miscarriage or when something strange is suspected. Early detection and treatment can help women avoid health complications and may even help them have healthy pregnancy.


dr. babita
dr. babita

i also realized that these days there are so many of miscarriage going on and i think the most reasons behind miscarriage is chemically fertilized food products in the market

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