Amazing Reasons to Love Sex – Things You didn’t Know

Being a woman isn’t easy! Being a housewife means you’re on duty 24 x 7. If you’re a working woman, then it is even more difficult. You have to take care of household chores and undertake duties at workplace. Right from when you get up till it is time to retire to bed, you have a duty to fulfil. Now with so much to do and the kind of stress one is women are exposed to on a daily basis, it has become very difficult to maintain an ‘exciting’ sex life. Getting in the mood for a “sexy time” doesn’t happen easily.

But this is something you can’t ignore. There are many reasons to get sexy and naughty with your partner. Besides saving your marriage and keeping the excitement alive, it does a lot more to you.

Listed below are five major reasons to love sex and “get into the mood” with your man:

The Positive Impact

Sex is very important for your life. There’s no denying about it. However, did you know it has a positive trickle-down effect too? Well, there may be many reasons you don’t want to have it; mainly the mood. But having sex will leave you craving for more. The more you have, the more you want! It is precisely how brains are wired. So having sex is the key.

No Depression and Stress

Research and studies have shown that having an active sex life reduces depression and anxiety. How? Sex increases the level of serotonins (feel good hormones) in the body. It keeps you happier and healthier.

The Natural High

If you wish to have a natural high, then nothing is better that having sex. Sex is the ultimate natural high. Reaching orgasm releases a bonding hormone oxytocin in the body.  This results in an amnesic effect that takes over. The effect lasts for up to five hours.

A Firmer, Slimmer Body

Of course, being a woman means you crave for a leaner, sexier, firmer body. Having sex is the best way to make your body firmer. Regular sex can tighten up your tummy. This is not all. It will also improve your posture.

The Controlling Power

Wish your husband would worship you and do as you say? Regular sex will get you a husband who worships the ground you walk on! Literally! Most men bond through touch. Regular sex will make your man feel closer to you emotionally. This will make him more attentive and focused on your needs. So have sex and take control over your husband.


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