Are You in a Sex Starved Marriage

Are you worried your sex life may ruin marriage? Well, this is the most common problem faced by women in today’s time. Why?

It is estimated that one out of every three couples struggle with problems related to low sexual desire. There are many reasons women aren’t interested in sex. Some of these are listed below:

Blame it on Testosterone

Testosterone is found in men in abundance. The same hormone drives a woman’s desire for sex. If her levels are low, desire will drop. Consulting a doctor about the issue can really help. He may prescribe medications for sexual enhancement.

Sex Sucks

Bad sex, unnatural sex, pain etc. make women abhor the very idea of having sex. And they may not like to talk about it too. So if it is the man who is having all the fun and you are the victim, just yell ‘stop!’ This is important to stop him from doing what you don’t like and make sex interesting for you.

Unhappy/ Stressed Out

Are you unhappy? Have you been taking a lot of stress off late? If yes, then this may be a potential reason for disinterest in sex. You need to speak about it to your husband. He may help you out in many ways.

No Interested

Physiologically and hormonally, women are different from men especially when it comes to getting turned on. Women are slower to get started and often don’t crave sex until we’ve already started having it. Women who love sex may initiate it often. However, generally speaking, sex drives in women don’t sneak up and pounce on them the way they do for guys. So, ask your man not to jump on you. Tell him that you need to be cuddled up and pampered more.


You don’t want to have sex because you’re hurt. It is a simple as that. And there’s no remedy to this. The only thing you need to is take a sabbatical until you are fine. You may even talk it over with your partner to avoid complications in future.

The Smell

You just don’t like the way your partner smells and it is not right to tell him upfront about is bad breath or body odour. Well, try buying him a bottle of perfume or some mint with an excuse. This will take care of the problem.

You’re just not that into him

There’s no cure for this. Just let the guy know about this one fine day and call it quits.


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