Abstain from Vaginal Douching – It’s BAD for your Health

We all want our vagina to look pretty and smell nice. However, but often times we observe a nasty smell and the dirty feel for the area. This awful feeling makes most women resort to vaginal cleaning. Douching is one of those common practices of rinsing out vagina with water or a specialized solution.

Understanding Douching

The term “douche” means to wash or soak in French. Douching is a practise of washing or cleaning out the vagina (birth canal) with water or other mixtures of fluids. Many different solutions are available on the market for this purpose. The products available in the market are in the form of a bottle and can be easily squirted into the vagina through a tube or nozzle.

Why do Women Douche?

Women usually douche as they believe it gives many benefits. They actually do it to keep the vagina clean, smelling nice, rinse away blood after monthly periods, prevent pregnancy, and to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Dangers of Vaginal Douching

Now the question is whether douching is really worth the efforts? Listed below are a few ways that douching negatively impacts your body:

Obstructs the Process of Re-balancing

You may notice a larger amount of discharge from time to time. This is common. However, you must stay away from vaginal douching. Extra discharge is an indication that the body is re-balancing itself. Douching will obstruct the process and slow down your healing time.

Spread Infections

Douching can literally push the infected bacteria farther up into the uterus or fallopian tubes! It may cause you to develop pelvic inflammatory disease.

pH Level Imbalance

Douching actually disrupts bacteria and yeast in the vagina. This throws off natural pH levels. The process can lead to infections and even trigger an immune response that could be damaging for women. For those struggling with a vaginal infection, douching can make it worse.

Irritation and Inflammation

Douching, or rubbing in the vagina can cause vaginal tissues to swell. This makes it easier for STDs and HIV to transmit to your body.


The smell may go rancid down there but douching is not the solution. It will only provide a temporary cover-up.

Alternatives to Douching

The vagina maintains itself via creating a mucous discharge that keeps pH balanced. It even supports the healthy bacteria that can keep infections and odours at bay. If this balance is disrupted or washed away, you may end up with bacterial infections or even yeast infections. So don’t douche if the doctor hasn’t asked you to do so. A medical expert will prescribe it only to treat certain types of vaginal infections.


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