Caution with Condom

What’s one rule to keep from serious sexually transmitted diseases like HIV? How could teenage pregnancy be avoided? Condoms! Much has been said and written about how safe sexual activities can get via using condoms. And it is true to a great extent. But there is something that can make condoms risky, very risky!

Condoms can sometimes rip or tear!!! This definitely means that the purpose for which you are using it may go unfulfilled. A ripped or torn condom will provide no protection at all! So what should be done? Is there a way to avoid condom risks? Well, using and storing them properly can help reduce this risk.

There are many factors that can responsible for weakening condoms. Heat, sun, oils, and chemicals are known to be the main culprits. These elements can make condoms highly susceptible to breakage.

The Solution

It is crucial to keep condoms away from heat and light. This will help dry them out. It is not advisable to use other substances such as oils or lotions along with a condom. Most people are used to carrying a condom in their wallet. This is not a wise idea. Wallet is a place where the condom may be folded or sat on. It can even wear down the material and cause the condom to break. Moreover, it is not recommended to open a condom with a sharp object. Strictly avoid using scissors or teeth for the same.

The Expiration Date

This is important yet the most overlooked fact among condom users. Check the expiration date on the condom. Over time, the material used to make condoms can go weak. Hence, it is not a good idea to use one that has crossed its expiration date.

Learn to Use Condoms

Most of us have believe how easy it to use condoms. No wonder the incidents of ripping and tearing have become common. Understand that condoms have a tendency to rip during use if they don’t fit properly. You need to put them on correctly. The key is to leave adequate room at the tip of the condom.

Condoms may also tear if there is too much friction and inadequate lubrication. Sometimes the condom comes into contact with one’s nails, piercings, rings, teeth, or other sharp edges. This does all the damage.

Condoms are known to be the only kind of birth control that can help prevent pregnancy and all types of STDs. Hence, it is important to use and store them properly. In the event where a condom breaks and you or your partner is concerned about pregnancy, call your health care provider immediately. You need to discuss emergency contraception to prevent further damage.

It is important that both partners should be tested for STDs. Since sexually transmitted diseases don’t show signs and symptoms, people are often not aware that they have an infection. Unfortunately, untreated infection cause serious health problems.

Stay safe, stay healthy!



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