Get the Perfect Breast Shape – Easy and Effective Tips to Follow

Ever felt like having perfect breast shape just like one of those models from the magazines? Well, this may not be easy to achieve as a lot goes into making of cover models including plastic surgeries, rigorous exercises, make-up and Photoshop for the finale glamorous touch. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a perfect shape of breasts.

First, you need to understand that perfect breast shape cannot happen overnight. You need to know what has been disturbing the shape that you were blessed with during your early 20s. Why do breasts sag and how to give them a firmer structure and appearance?

To be precise, there are many factors responsible for sagging and change in shape of breasts. The most significant of these include pregnancy, aging process, consistent weight gain and loss, and breastfeeding.

How to Define Perfect Breast Shape?

Well, more than the medical description and definition of perfect body shape, women swear by what is depicted on camera and magazines by young models and celebrities. Unfortunately, most of these models have had breast surgery to acquire sp called ‘perfect shape’.

It is also important to know that no two individuals are the same. They have different body, eye colour, hair colour and other features. There are many differences in opinion about what constitutes the ideal breast shape.

Sagging Breasts

Many women hate their breasts as they get saggy and do not match with their natural body shape. Sagging breast shapes are common among women with large sized breasts and pendulum shaped breasts.

Sagging breasts is a natural part of the aging process. Ligaments and skin around the breast tend to lose their elasticity gradually. Also they lose their capacity to spring back like they used to. This process eventually leads to sagging.

Causes of Imperfect Breasts Shape

There are many factors responsible for sagging of breasts. Some of these include the following listed below:

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy brings in many changes in a woman’s body. Breastfeeding are also known to contribute to sagging breasts. These events certainly affect the breast size in a way that ligaments and skin lose their natural elasticity.

Age Factor

This is known to be the major reason behind sagging breasts because ligaments and skin lose their elasticity as women age.

Larger Breasts

Women with larger breasts suffer from sagging sooner than those with smaller breasts. This is obviously due to the weight of larger breasts combined with impact of gravity that leads to loss of natural elasticity in ligaments and skin.

Consistent Weight Gain and Loss

This is very common among women who are on heavier side and lose weight too quickly and then gain it back. Repetitive weight loss and gain leads to sagging breasts because skin is stretched during weight gain and does not spring back into shape after weight loss.

Tips to Acquire Perfect Breast Shape

There are certain steps that you can follow in order to prevent breasts from sagging. Some of the most significant ones include the following:

Stop Smoking

This is an important aspect of acquiring the desired breast shape. Understand that smoking has a direct impact on elasticity of skin and ligaments all over the body.

Breast Exercise

You cannot strengthen breast tissue as it contains no muscle. But you can certainly build muscle in the chest area which helps in making breasts appear firmer.

Follow Healthy Diet

You may not have given this factor much important as far as breast shape is concerned but it is true that following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will keep your skin looking young, fresh and firm.

Brassiere Type and Quality

Make sure you wear a well-fitted and supportive bra to prevent the effects of gravity on breasts. This is very important during exercise which may break down the supportive breast ligaments at a faster rate.

Moisturize the Area

Do not ignore the importance of maintain beauty of breasts. You should always keep the area supple with regular application of rich moisturiser or cream. You can also invest in specially formulated breast shape enhancing creams available on the market, these days.


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