Lesbian Health Issues and Protection Measures

Now that lesbian marriage is legal in India, it is time to know about health issues and possible prevention and treatment for lesbians. Right from sexually transmitted infections to depression, it is important to get tips for take charge of health.

The Risks?

Well, it is not that only lesbians face health risks. In fact, all women have certain health risks. However, women who have sex with women face an increased risk of specific health concerns. The individual risks are usually shaped by a number of factors beyond sexual orientation and practices. This also includes family history and age.

Understanding common health issues for lesbians and taking necessary steps can help one stay happy and healthy.

Protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections

Did you know certain sexually transmitted infections can spread between women? These include:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Trichomonas

The risk of spreading infections is more during oral sex and sexual behaviour that involves digital-vaginal or digital-anal contact, specifically with shared penetrative sex toys. Female sexual contact is also a potential resource of contracting HIV. It is the virus that causes AIDS.

Protection Measures

In order to ensure protection from sexually transmitted infections, the following measures should be taken:


It is important to get tested and have your partner tested. Unprotected sex should be strictly avoided. Testing for HIV is important as you never know who is honest about their health.


You should use a split-open condom or dental dam (a small piece of latex) or a plastic wrap while indulging in oral sex. Strictly avoid sharing sex toys. Always protect them with a condom and clean them thoroughly before and after each use.


Practice monogamy. This is a reliable way to avoid sexually transmitted infections.


Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Also stay away from drugs. Studies suggest that people are most likely to take sexual risks under the influence of alcohol.


Vaccination is important to protect you from HPV and hepatitis A and hepatitis B. These are serious liver infections that can spread through sexual contact.

Remain Vigilant

There is absolutely no cure for HIV/AIDS as well as many of the sexually transmitted infections including HPV and genital herpes. Hemce, the best way to stay healthy is to protect yourself.


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