Prevention from Vaginal Itching – Some Precautions

Almost every woman has experienced vaginal itchiness. This is a common problem and an uncomfortable experience. Scratching is a natural impulse. Unfortunately, this makes the situation worse and lead to further irritation. Luckily, there are certain things you can do to prevent vaginal itch.

The key is to take certain measures on a daily basis to prevent occurrence of vaginal itching.

Listed below are certain precautions to prevent the vaginal itch:

Hygiene is the Key

Practice good personal hygiene. Make sure the genital area clean and dry. Always wipe from front to back after urinating or having a bowel movement. This is helpful in preventing vaginal infections and itching.

Avoid Commercial Products

You need to stay away from certain products such as coloured toilet paper, scented bath soaps, bubble baths, feminine hygiene sprays, coloured toilet paper, vaginal douches etc. Most of these items contain harmful chemicals that cause irritation.

No Scratching

You should avoid scratching. This will tear the skin and even cause bleeding.

Avoid Sweating

Wear loose clothing and allow air in at night.

Precautions during Sex

Use lubricants and condoms during sexual intercourse.

Wear Cotton Panties

Wear white cotton panties. The pantyhose should have a cotton crotch to allow more air to circulate through the area.

No Underwear

Sleep without underwear. This will help your vagina is exposed to the air and avoid perspiration.


Take showers instead of baths. This is the best option to prevent vaginal itching. You must rinse your vagina with cool water.

No Scented Products

Strictly avoid products that have strong scent and dyes in them. Also avoid using perfumed powders in your vaginal area.

Baby Shampoo

Wash your vagina with baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is helpful in drying the yeast area and cleans your vagina gently.

Change Bathing Suits

Change out of wet bathing suits or exercise clothes as soon as possible. Understand that the moisture from the water or from your own sweat can contribute to itchiness.

Medicated Powder

Sprinkle medicated talcum powder in your underwear to keep the area dry.


Eating yogurt with live cultures will prevent the vaginal yeast infections.

Control Diabetes

Diabetics should keep their blood sugar under control.

Reduce Weight

If you are overweight, work to get your weight in check. Excess weight leaves no space between the thighs that leads to lack of air circulation and excess sweating.


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