Say NO to Abortion – Top Reasons to AVOID Abortion

Abortion is a dreaded term for every woman. It would not be wrong to say that “abortion” is a respectable way of using the word “murder”. This is a process to terminate pregnancy and involves use of medications, surgery, removal of embryo and placenta from the uterus.

Abortion is only conducted by licensed medical practitioners in India. In some cases, abortion is done owing to varied number of personal reasons, social pressure or even a medical complication.

Listed below are some of the most common reasons for abortion:

Abortion under Pressure

Many a times, there’s increasing pressure of abortion from the family because they are not ready for a child. Sometimes, women pregnant with girl child are pressurised under society norms to abort the fetus.


Women in certain professions are made to sign contracts for ‘no pregnancy’ for a certain period of time. In case a pregnancy occurs, they are forced to abort the fetus.


Some couples are not financially ready to take responsibility of a child. Hence, abortion is the only option left.

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems with partner force a woman to abort her child.

Age/Premarital Sex

Underage women or those pregnant before marriage have no other option left than terminating their pregnancy.

Medical Condition

Sometimes, doctors advice against continuing a pregnancy owing to medical problems.

Why AVOID Abortion?

Regardless of the situation, it is crucial to avoid abortion at all costs. Abortion includes a number of risks health wise and even proves life-threatening. Listed below are some strong reasons to avoid abortion:

Increases Death Rates

Studies have revealed that death rates increase 7 times more after abortion!

Suicide Rates

There is an increase in suicide rates among women (about 6 times more) after abortion among women. This is because women have a tendency to go through emotional trauma after abortion and are incapable of handling the situation. A feeling of guilt leads in this drastic step.

Future Fertility

Studies have revealed that there is an increased risk of pre-term birth after first-trimester vacuum aspiration. Many studies related to ectopic pregnancy risk after first-trimester suction abortion has revealed health risks. Women may experience increased risks for miscarriage and preterm or low birth weight delivery after abortion.

Allergic Reaction

Some women are allergic to varied drugs used in medical abortion. They may face severe reaction against these drugs.


Infection may occur leading to infertility and illness. In some rare occasions, infection after abortion may even lead to death.

Puncture of the Uterus

This is a complication that follows an abortion. Although it is very rare, the puncture can be fixed only through a surgery. This condition can be life-threatening.

Prolonged Bleeding

Usually women bleed for about 9-16 days after an abortion. However, some may even continue bleeding for 30 days or more. This has bad impact on health.

Retained Tissue

In the event where any part of the placenta, fetus, or amnionic sac is left inside the uterus, the woman may suffer from a serious infection which will require a surgical abortion procedure.

With so many health risks and mental trauma that one may suffer from following an abortion, it is best to avoid one until the medical practitioner strictly advises it.


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