Sexual fantasies to enliven your marriage – Spice up your Married Life

Experts have always recommended sexual fantasy as an important to element to strengthen relationships. These fantasies are a great way to make your marriage work and give it a new look.

There are several common fantasies people have including the following:

a) Having sex with the partner

b) Giving oral sex

c) Receiving oral sex

d) Trying out new sexual positions.

e) Being dominant

f) Being found irresistible

g) Having sex with a new partner.

Sharing sexual fantasies strengthens relationships. This also let the partner know what the other person actually wants and find appealing. However, try not to share fantasies that may offend your partner.

Fantasies are a kind of marriage helper. If you are unable to use these fantasies in your marriage, here are certain things you can do. First and foremost, you need to dream. If you imagine, you would be able to get fantasies that will bring a new turn into your relationship.

Experts have always believed that fantasies are the best, affordable and the safest way to find out things that you may want to do but would not do for certain reasons. The main idea is to go for pure fun and the naughtiest sin.

Men and women have different sexual fantasies. Men often dream of being dominant and women dream of being submissive. Trying new, unique sexual positions is a common sexual fantasy most people tend to have irrespective of the gender they belong to.

Women often dream of associating with men holding charming personality. This is a common sexual fantasy they have. Most people do not like to share their sexual fantasies. However, you may try out these fantasies with your partner without telling him or her. Once you bring your sexual fantasies into action, you would see a positive difference in your married life. You need to constantly think about different ways you can pep up your sex life. This will definitely help you a lot.



i agree with almost all of the tips given by the author with the exemption of having sex with a new partner.. because what is the point of spicing up your sexlife with your partner if you are gonna do it with another?? i think its a bit too extreme for me.. but other listed tips i will definitely follow.. in fact im excited to try them out.. oral sex etc.

Faruque Hossain
Faruque Hossain

Nice articles, it gives a clear idea about the fantasies between man and woman. Both of man and woman want to change their sex partner. This is a universal true. Somebody can keep them safe others can't. Great!

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