Super Easy Activities that Boost your Libido

So you have read about foods, spices, and drinks that enhance libido. Here, we will discuss about activities that help boost libido instantly and keep it intact for a lifetime!

What to do?

Start Early

If you are expecting hot sex in the evening, you need to get into the mood early. So start it off via sexting while your partner is in the office. You may even send a suggestive photo during lunch break. It is better to keep sex on the forefront of your mind. This is the best way to give a boost to libido-enhancing hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and testosterone.

Couple Yoga Class

You may not believe this but hitting the mat allows for some real hot action for your evening. Studies have revealed that workout exercise increases sexual response owing to more blood to pump which is allowed to body’s posterior zones. Additionally, studies have suggested that yoga is helpful in enhancing sexual desire in women. You may even make it a special yoga class for two to get more effect.

Makeover for Bedroom

Studies have proved a connection between innovation and sexual desire. Hence, injecting novelty into your bond really helps. You can rearrange your bedroom. Get new sheets; add some new things into the room and some red colour to the room. Also try making a reservation at a hotel for the night for enhanced effect.

Post Dinner Coffee

A cup of coffee after dinner keeps you awake and enhances desire. Additionally, the caffeine kick also offers you additional energy and stamina for the perfect evening action.


Rub your skin with a rich scented lotion immediately after a shower. Studies have revealed that women who keep their senses happy are more likely to have sexual satisfaction. This helps them reach orgasm. So focus on physical sensations during the day to be in the mood.

Fruit Salad

Add fruits to your diet that enhances sexual desire. The best options are kiwis and mangos. These are rich in Vitamin E that helps in enhancing flow of blood flow all around the body including the area under belt. Bananas are rich in potassium and facilitate muscle strength. On the other hand, pomegranates have loads of antioxidants. This enhances blood flow.

Red is the Colour

Of course, red is the colour of love. Studies have revealed that red attract a guy’s attention instantly. So it is definitely a good idea to slip into that little silk red dress that will make him have a look twice at you. It will also enhance his confidence.

Salmon Treat

Salmon is high in antioxidants. It helps enhance libido. Also add some sea vegetables such as edamame or seaweed salads. These are high in vitamin B that helps in enhancing flow of blood within the body.

Sex Lingerie

No, we are not asking you to buy it and stack into the corner of your wardrobe. This time, you must take them out of the closet and wear all day long. This will enhance your libido to the maximum.


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