Tame your Breast Shrinking Habits!

Most women measure their beauty by breast size. But this is not the case. All women irrespective of their breast size are beautiful. Moreover, breast function is not influenced by size. In fact, ability to produce milk influences functioning of breasts.

Large sized breasts have been idolized by many since centuries. Women do a lot to increase the size to a few inches. Right from over the counter pills to massage creams, gels, and silicone implants, anything that claim to increase breast size are a rage among women, these days.

But one thing every woman regardless of the size of their breasts should be worried about is the tendency of breasts to shrink! Yes, small or large; the breasts will shrink. The credit will go to your habits. Read on to know about the habits that can shrink your breasts and tame them. After all, you cannot afford to lose what you have!

Habits that Shrink Breast Size

Restriction of Fat Consumption

Breast tissue is composed of fat. Hence, a diet that is deprived of fat consumption will disturb the natural balance of nutrients reaching breast tissue. This will affect the overall shape and size. During the growth period, it is important to take surplus amounts fat. Also source of vegetable fat such as nuts and soy are beneficial. Also include animal fats. These are derived from fish and meat.

Excess Intake of Caffeine

According to a recent study, it has been proved that size of the breasts may shrink with consumption of over 3 cups of coffee or more in a day. The study also revealed that some women possess a gene that promotes shrinkage of fat tissue from excess coffee intake.

No or Rare Meat Consumption

A number of nutrients are required to maintain shape and size of breasts. These include collagen fibers. These fibers are known to be helpful in preparing the skin and preventing it from loosening owing to rapid aging and damaged skin cells. Major sources of collagen are claws and chicken wings. You may even go for some other type of meat to get fiber. Also focus on intake of adequate vitamins from raw vegetables and fruits.

Less Water Consumption

It is no secret that about 80 per cent of the human body is composed of a liquid. Hence, some of the tissues will shrink in size if the water content in the body decreases. Breasts are one of the parts of the body that get affected with decrease in intake of water.

Too much of Alcohol Intake

Alcohol consumption does not directly affect breast size directly. However, researchers and studies have proved that excessive alcohol consumption leads to breast cancer.


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