Tricks and Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Most men tend to rely of Viagra or similar so called miracle medications to ensure they last longer in bed. But did they really find a miracle drug for themselves to go on all night? Not exactly!

The researchers emphasise that although there was some kind of correlation between these medications and enhanced performance in bed but it’s hard to determine whether or not the ED medication was in fact in charge for the hold-up in orgasm since a majority of the studies did not compare the results against a sop.

So in case, you are looking forward to buy some time before reaching climax, follow the tips mentioned below rather than hitting up to the chemists or a medical practitioner:

The Technique of ‘Stop-Start’

You should get used to the technique of building arousal to where you’re almost at that point of no return. This is recommended by a popular sex researcher. One should start stimulation, but as soon as you feel that you’re getting too aroused, pause for a short time. The period lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds. Here, you need to allow your arousal to subside. Once you repeat this technique for a few times, feel free to release.

The Technique of Squeeze

Once you feel you are getting close, immediately stop stimulation. At this point, you should squeeze right below the head of your penis. The best thing to do is focus on the pressure on urethra. It is the tube that runs alongside the base of the penis. This is important because this will suppress your ejaculatory response for the time being. Once your arousal has died down, you should repeat a few more times prior to reaching climax.

Rubbers are your Best Friend

You can rely on rubbers to last longer in bed. This is a useful technique for pushing back your ejaculatory response. Wearing a desensitizing condom is the best trick. These wonder products comprise of desensitizing lubricant benzocaine. It will help you buy a few more minutes in the sack.

Caution: Make sure you’re not putting the condom on inside out. In case, you do this, the Benzocaine will end up inside her vagina!!!



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