Vaginal Itching – Causes of Discomfort and Embarrassing Situation

Vaginal itching is a common problem among women. Some women complain of itching accompanied by a burning sensation during menstruation. However, excessive itching or uncontrollable itching can be a cause of discomfort and embarrassment.

An uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptom of vaginal itching is often caused by a number of problems. Itching in the vagina and the surrounding area, also referred to as the vulva, may be caused due to a minor issue. However, this may even indicate a more serious problem that requires being treated.

Most commonly, vaginal itching is caused by certain types of irritant or an infection. In rare cases, it may also be the result of cancer.

Common Causes of Vaginal Itching

Skin Diseases

Many women complain of vaginal itching that spreads to surrounding regions including sides of thighs, anal region, and the vulva. This may be due to some skin diseases such as eczema. This causes dryness of skin, itchiness, and/or blistered skin. In rare cases, outbreaks of these symptoms can even occur on the vagina.


Many chemicals may lead to vaginal itching. They may even lead to an allergic reaction that creates severe itching or a rash over various parts of your body, including the vagina, inner thighs and anal region. Some of the most common chemical irritants include feminine sprays, soaps, ointments, bubble baths, detergents, douches, topical contraceptives, detergents, and fabric softeners. For those suffering from urinary incontinence or diabetes, urine may also lead to vaginal irritation and itching.


You may be surprised at this but stress can cause itching and irritation. Stress tends to weaken your immune system. It also leaves you more prone to the infections that lead itching.

Yeast Infection

Yeast is naturally present in the vagina. However, when its growth goes unchecked, the area suffers from an infection. The infection leads to discomfort and itching. The infection is sometimes caused due to a course of antibiotics. The course usually destroys useful bacteria as well as the unhealthy bacteria. These useful bacteria are required to keep yeast growth in check. The major symptom of yeast infections is a lumpy, white discharge along with a burning and itching sensation.


This is a common cause of itching. This is caused due disruption of normal balance of bacteria in the vagina. Symptoms include itching, discharge, irritation, inflamed area, red vulvar area, and odor.

Pinworm Infections

These infections cause vaginal itching. Symptoms of pinworm infection include extreme itching around the anus and an inability to sleep due to the itching.


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