The Ideal Pregnancy Weight – How much should You Weigh when you are expecting?

The major concern about a pregnant lady is weight gain. Well, this is out of human control. Pregnant ladies are bound to gain weight. This is inevitable. However, if you are really concerned about the amount of weight you should actually gain, here is a guidance to keep you from going overboard with pregnancy weight.

In the first place, weight gain during pregnancy depends majorly on two factors:

• The weight you carried around prior to the conception period

• The appropriateness of your pre-conception weight in ratio to your height

Body Mass Index

The connection between your weight and height is expressed in a number referred to as “Body Mass Index” (BMI). This is calculated in medical institutions.

The Recommendations

Pre-conception 18.5 to 24.9 BMI

This indicates that your weight was in a healthy range. This means you would gain about 25 – 30 pounds during pregnancy.

First Trimester Gain – 1 to 5 pounds

(For proper growth of baby, an extra 1 pound should be gained each week for the rest of pregnancy periods).

Pre-conception 18.5 (or below) BMI

This means you were underweight. You should gain around 28 – 40 pounds when the pregnancy occurs.

Pre-conception 25 – 29.9 BMI

This means you overweight. You’re expected to gain 15 – 25 pounds during pregnancy.

Maintaining Ideal Weight during Pregnancy

This is possible only when you follow the gynaecologist’s recommendations and eat healthy pregnancy diet. There is absolutely no need to eat extra for your baby.


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