Top Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

There are a number of things the beauty industry people do not want their customers to know. Here are some little-known secrets behind the products you apply on your face regularly:

Designer Cosmetics vs Drugstore Counterparts

The only difference is the fancy package. Interestingly, many well-known companies prepare both drugstore and high-end products using similar formulas!

Moisturizers won’t make you Look Younger!

For anti-aging effect, you need to choose serums and moisturizers made specifically to target the problem. So invest in anti-aging serums and moisturizers that contain vitamin A derivatives like retinaldehyde and retinol. L-ascorbic acid is another important ingredient. Try to skip products containing traces of formaldehyde, a human carcinogen. Although the exposure of this compound has not yet proved to be harmful, it is good to avoid it via staying away from products containing these elements on its ingredients’ list:

– DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea
– Diazolidinyl urea
– Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
– Bronopol

Salon Hair-Smoothing Treatments

Did you know your hair dye contains formaldehyde? This toxic chemical has been linked to cancer. According to a study conducted by OSHA in the year 2011, it is revealed that formulas labeled “formaldehyde-free” also released a substantial amount of formaldehyde gas especially when heated or used. Also the following terms have no (or little) meaning in the beauty industry. These are just marketing gimmicks:

– “Hypoallergenic”
– “Noncomedogenic”

Lead in Your Lipstick

Lead is banned for use in gasoline or paint. However, it might be present in your lipstick. In a research conducted by the FDA in 2012 revealed that around four hundred shades of popular lipsticks had traces of lead.

A Magic Potion can Stop 90% of Skin Aging!
Yes, it is true. Unfortunately, only one in ten US residents uses it. This magic potion is sunscreen!
Foundation with SPF should not Stop You from using a Sunscreen
You would require sunscreen even if your foundation contains SPF! According to skin experts, women fail to apply enough makeup to protect their skin. Since they might miss some important areas such as neck, ears, neck, and the back of hands, use of sunscreen becomes crucial.

Spray Sunscreen aren’t Effective.Do not use spray sunscreen. You will just inhale toxic chemicals into your lungs and then into bloodstream .

Buy the Best of Tools

You must spend some good bucks on your makeup tools. High quality brushes let you apply makeup evenly. These also help you to blend it in to give a more natural look. Remember that even the best makeup will not look good when applied with low or mediocre quality brushes.

Never wash your face with just plain soap.Soaps are made from animal fat and salt compounds. Hence, these can strip your skin of its natural oils and proteins. It is always good to use a non-soap cleanser.

Unscented isn’t Fragrance Free!

Remember that “unscented” is “fragrance-free.” Unscented products available on the market contain masking fragrances for covering the odor of chemicals.

Eye Cream is NOT Necessary
Yes, eye cream is nothing but moisturizer sold in a small tub. These are sold at an exorbitant price. You don’t need one.

Infections from Unsanitary Makeup

Recently, dermatologists have seen a significant jump in bacterial infections resulting from unsanitary makeup. So make sure you clean your face well and wash your hands well prior to applying makeup. Also throw away makeup products at the following recommended intervals:

Liquids, Lipsticks and Creams – Six months to one year
Mascara – After three months
Powder eye shadow and blushes – After two years


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