5 Sure Shot Remedies to Flush Out Fat Fast

Flushing out fats can give you a tough time. Remember that it is a body cleansing process. The best way to do so is include detox foods in your diet. These are effective in burning fats and purifying blood.

Here are 5 easy yet effective ways to flush out fat from your body:


The age old recipe of having lemon and honey in lukewarm the first thing in the morning will keep your bowel movements clear. You will also have clearer skin.

Green Tea

This is a miracle drink for weightwatchers. The drink is rich in antioxidants that act as caretakers of the body.

Apple Cidar Vinegar

This is a proven method to ensure speedy weight loss. Try mixing apple cidar vinegar with water or juice. Now drink it up. The remedy will improve digestion. It will also help you get rid of bad cholesterol.

Boiled Apple

This may sound strange but boiled apple has numerous health benefits. The technique will allow you to have a fibre rich meal rich in iron and other vital nutrients. A diet of fruits will flush fats from your system fast.

Bottle Gourd

Juice a bottle gourd and drink it every day. It is filling, fibre rich and also has a cooling effect on your stomach. The best part is that the drink will keep you full for hours together and does not add fats to your body.



To reduce weight exercise work well. It will be good if you drink lemon water daily in the morning. It helps in reducing weight and keeps you fit...Nice post!


These tips are really awesome. thanks frnd....please let me know if i stop applying these tips in my life, i'll get fat again?

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