Diet methods – Confused to choose one? Follow the tips

Who doesn’t want a perfect figure to flaunt in a stunning bathing suit? Of course, all of us do. However, with the kind of flab most people have acquired on their bodies these days, it has become extremely difficult to even think of purchasing a smart bathing suit.

Following a diet can really do wonders to those who want to lose weight seriously. Now, the problem is that there are thousands of diet plans available and all of these are tagged as ‘ideal diet plan’. People often get confused on which diet to opt for in order to obtain the body shape they covet for.

Experts feel that every diet plan designed to lose weight has its pros and cons. Hence, it is very important to follow some logical rules to maintain a healthy diet and makes sure that you don’t gain weight once you stop following the diet.

Avoid strictly the following when on a weight loss diet:

a) Soft drink
b) Alcohol
c) Refined fohite flour items
d) Pizza
e) Burger
f) A lot of fruit juices
g) Cream sauce
h) Packed ready-to-eat foods
i) Chips and crackers
j) Preserved foods such as jams, jellies and pickles

If you are confused about the diet type you must adopt among so many diet plans available, here is a review on some of the most famous among the diet plans and programs. The reviews will help you to opt for the best diet program for you.

a) Calorie restriction diet:
When following this diet, you are supposed to eliminate certain food types to lead healthy and active life. This type of diet will help you to have very few hyper or hypertension related problem. The only problem with this diet is that you tend to feel hungry often. You also need to face the inconvenience of counting intake of calories each time you eat at home or out.

b) Dr. Atkins diet:
This is a diet method that helps you lose weight fast. The diet plan is easy to follow and you have a wide choice of food to eat. You would not feel hungry. However, the downside is that you can face a loss of energy due to few carb intake. This diet completely prohibits alcohol and allows only limited amount of carbohydrate intake.

c) The green tea diet:
This is an easy-to-follow diet plan. Experts also appreciate this plan green tea helps in losing weight and is important for good health. However, you need to understand that this is a slow paced weight loss plan and hence more beneficial. Weight that has been lost slowly will not return back.

d) Detox or cleansing diet:
This diet plan helps you to feel energetic, fresh and lighter. The diet is meant to cleanse your liver to be able to metabolize food speedily and facilitate long term weight loss. The only problem is that you tend to feel a lot more hungry and really difficult to continue for more than two weeks.

You need to decide on what type of diet will suit your lifestyle prior to going on a diet. Measure the pros and cons well prior to actually following one



It has been analysed that there are various drinks and food which you should avoid if you want to lose weight. mentioned things in the article is really very good to avoid if you loosing weight, avoid especially junk food and soft drinks.


Weigh loss is not a big deal. You just have to follow few strict rule to change you eating habits. Fr losing weigh you have to stay away from junk food, oily food, high calorie food, alcohol, soft drinks, tea and other such things, It will helps in losing your weigh.

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