Effective techniques to burn fat at lightning speed

Want, to gain that perfect figure? If yes, you need to focus on burning the fat existing in your body at a faster pace. There are a lot of techniques that can help you burn fat at the speed of light. Here are some super effective techniques to help you burn the much abhorred fat in no time:

a) Premeal snack:

If you are going out for a work out, make sure you eat a low carbohydrate protein bar exactly ninety minutes before you start the workout. This will let you exercise for a long time and also provide you the required energy to work harder. This way, you can lose more amount of calories. Remember that the ninety minute mark is very important. In case, you have the energy bar just near your workout, your performance will be affected.

b) Breathe the right way:

It is very important to focus on breathing through your nose. Inhale and exhale through your nose and not your mouth. This will help you in stabilizing the rate of your heart. The act will also increase your endurance just as a pre-workout snack would do. The whole act will let you work out for a longer time and urn more amounts of calories. The whole act may seem to be unnatural but you will be able to fit in within a few workouts.

c) Cardio towards the last:

It is very important to get into strength training prior to doing any sort of cardio vascular task. This is because your body would require about 15 long minutes to warm up and start burning fat. You can do a bike ride after warming up your body with some weight. This makes sure that your body will burn fat on your entire bike riding session.

d) Focus on variety:

Most people tend to focus on indulging in the same type of workout every time they hit the gym. This tends to stop burning the calories because your body get used to a certain type of workout. Hence, it is very necessary to focus on varied types of exercises such as jogging one day, swimming the next and biking the day after.

e) Don’t slouch:

Most people tend to slump over the handlebars on stationary bike. This disturbs oxygen intake of the body and also retards fat burning process. Handles are not meant to support you. They just facilitate your balance.

f) Intervals:

You need to train in intervals especially if you are new. Try hitting the treadmill for 2 minutes at 7mph, then 2 minutes at 5mph and again 7mph. The whole session would end 20 minutes. This is really helpful to build up your stamina.

g) Light weight:

Adding light weights to your workout schedule can do wonders to burn your calories. You need to focus on bicep curls, overhead presses while holding weights of 2-3 pounds. This is very helpful in building muscle tone and helps you shed more fat during your cardio workout as compared to when you are not using weights.



It is not an easy task to burn fat. This article is very helpful as there are a lot of techniques that can help you burn fat easily. To burn fat you should do regular work out.

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