Fiber diet – Fab tips to increase fiber in your diet

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that human body cannot digest. Due to its digestion resistant property, fiber fails to provide any important nutrients to the body. Hence, for a long time, nutritionists have been under a notion that fiber works towards being just a filler to the body. Now, today, this is considered to be a myth. The truth is that fiber is an important part of healthy diet. The main job of fiber is to decrease cholesterol levels, thereby minimizing the chances of heart diseases. According to some of the recent researches, it has been proved that high blood pressure can be reduce by taking diet rich in fiber.

However, statistics say that most individuals across the globe tend to obtain less than one-half of the fiber quantity they require to maintain a healthy body. For women under the age of 50, the recommended daily allowance of fiber is twenty five grams. For men under the age of 50, the recommended daily fiber allowance is thirty eight grams on a daily basis.

So, if you aren’t getting enough of fiber in your diet, here are some fabulous tips to follow and increase fiber content in your diet.

a) Tip one:
Get started with the regime slowly. Try to add a little amount of fiber daily and reach the daily recommended level. Also add more water to your diet.

b) Tip two:
The best way to increase fiber in your diet is to eat a lot of vegetables and raw fruit as far as possible. Don’t boil these vegetables a lot as this tends to lose out on the important fiber content. Just steam or stir fry vegetables while cooking.

c) Tip three:

On contrary to a popular myth, pureeing does not destroy any fiber. However, it is also a fact that juices do not contain the whole fruit fiber once the pulp has been strained.

d) Tip four:

It is very crucial to start your day with a high fiber cereal bowl. Buy on that gives five or more grams each serving.

e) Tip five:

Add some fresh fruit into your bowl of high-fiber cereal. This will provide you an additional of one to two grams additional fiber content.

f) Tip six:
You must focus on eating a lot of whole grains. Always look for the term ‘whole’ when purchasing wheat bread. You may also opt for whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta to obtain more fibre from what you eat.

g) Tip seven:
It is very crucial to add a lot of beans to salads, soups and stews. These are high in fiber.

h) Tip eight:
If you are fond of casseroles, muffins and breads, add a lot of bran cereal to these. Substitute oat bran for about a third portion of baking flour.

i) Tip nine:
Act wise when eating out order for fresh fruit instead of dessert.

j) Tip ten:
Finally, if you are tempted to have snacks between meals, only go for fresh vegetables or fruits.

Following the tips mentioned above will let you increase the fiber content in your diet wisely.



If you are getting fiber in your body then the mentioned tips are amazing. The best way to increase fiber in your diet is to eat a lot of vegetables and raw fruit as far as possible. Great tips ahead!


Food full of fiber is very good for health. Such food is very healthy and nutritious for health. It helps you to stay fit and away from diseases. You should also drink lots and lots of water as it remove entire waste from your body and gives you acne free skin.

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