Gain Willpower before you Lose Weight!

Looking forward to lose weight? If yes, then you must focus on gaining will power first. This is true. What’s the connection? Well, from where do you think the power to resist all the sugar coated delicacies and crispy fries come from? You need to have the will power for the following:

  • To resist the brownie piece lying inside the fridge.
  • To say no to your favourite drink.
  • To perform those 3 last dips.
  • To run for 5 more minutes on treadmill.
  • To opt for green tea over creamy coffee.
  • To wake up early and jog.
  • To keep you from raiding the food store.
  • A lot, lot more.

Did you know?
Staying still or calm can enhance your self-control. This in turn helps you stick to your diet regime.

The Study

As per an examination conducted on human brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG) recording equipment, researchers found that when their subjects were exposed to active words, their brain activity associated to self-control decreased. Once they were exposed to inactive words, the self-control activity automatically increased.

Human brains have been programmed in a fashion to associate action messages with performing a specific behaviour. For inaction messages, the brain is programmed for not performing that behaviour. Therefore, when you see or hear an inaction word, regardless of what the context is, the brains work to prevent you (rather stop you) from performing that action.

Now this clearly indicates that means inaction words can keep you out of kitchen. Similarly, the word or related words can keep you away from gym. On the other hand, action words will inspire you for behaviour regardless of whether it is good or bad. The trick is to use right words in the right situations.

What to do?

Try sticking inactive words (use stick ons) where you keep food. This means, you need stick on these words on your fridge, and kitchen. Also stick it on your wallet so that you are not tempted to buy something unhealthy to eat.

In contrast, try sticking active words right above where you keep your sneakers, in your almirah where you keep your tracks, inside your car, the door etc.

Act Now!

You must inspire yourself to enhance willpower and self control. This is the best way you can achieve your target of losing body weight.


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