Healthy Foods that are Fattening Too!

So you’ve been sticking to only healthy foods for some time now? Well many of us do so once we make our mind to lose weight. However, it is important to know that some of the so called ‘healthy foods or substitutes’ we indulge in are FATTENING! Here’s a list of foods that shouldn’t be on your list:

The Wraps

Now regardless of what you ask the chef to fill into it, the average wrap is a major weight gainer! A simple wrap with low fat chicken and salad leaves can still pack up to 300 calories! Understand that it is way more than two slices of bread!

Sushi Rolls

Japanese food is healthy. No doubts about the theory! But they may not be a good alternative for weight watchers. The popular rolls are slathered with cream cheese or mayo. And did you know the seafood inside may be tempura-battered? All of these ingredients may make you richer by 500 to 600 calories! And to make the matter worse, the soy sauce used is loaded with sodium. This will lead to water retention in your body and make the jeans will look tighter!!! L


This is a strict no-no for weight watchers. Getting fruit in liquid form will leave you weighing more. A 16-ounce bottled juice is equivalent of five slices of bread. This is excluding the sugar content added to it (may measure up to 14 teaspoons!).

Dried Fruit

We have grown up learning how good that bowl of dried fruit is good for health. But if you are on your way to lose weight, the dried fruit will load you with 5-8 times more calories than the fresh alternative. For instance, a cup of fresh grapes weigh 60 calories per cup, while raisins will load you with 460 calories!!!

Diet Meals

Strictly avoid packaged diet meals (the ready to eat ones) available on the market. These are high in sodium. You can’t really rely on calorie-count mentioned on the packet. All of the salt in the meal will make you retain water. You will feel puffy around arms and legs.


This is usually referred to as a healthy alternative to many of the high fat cheese options available on the market. Unfortunately, cottage cheese is any day a better option as the amount of sodium in Tofu is not good for body weight. It is loaded with calories, and saturated fat. Another problem is that the white stuff is too bland. It is usually served in heavy sauces and then deep-fried to provide it flavour and texture. These techniques make it an out and out diet disaster!


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