Interesting Weight Loss Facts

Losing weight is a topic that attracts over 70 per cent of the world population!!! Some are struggling to lose extra weight, some want to achieve that ‘oh so perfect figure’, others want to maintain a figure they have achieved after years of struggle and there are some who are struggling to lose the last few pounds. But one thing is common here – everyone is talking weight loss! The most important thing to do is to stay aware of the facts about weight loss to avoid getting mislead. Here are some interesting weight loss facts to help you lose pounds the healthy way!

The Weight Machine Fact

Most people tend to assess their weight loss schedule through weighting machine rates. Now this can be quite discouraging. You definitely lose due to your efforts but the machine will show the weight of muscles that you gain. Hence it is advisable not to rely on them.

Starvation Fact

Experts have been advising public against starvation. They say skipping meals or starvation can lower down physical activities of metabolism and goes against your aspiration of gaining a right figure. They are right!!! Starvation will not help in weight loss. It will instead give you a dull look.

Slow Weight Loss Fact

Is slow and steady weight loss a healthy way to lose weight? Yes. Losing 2 pounds a week is a healthy mark of losing weight. This will ensure you long term weight loss.

Exercise Fact

Of course, good diet should be supported by exercises. Exercise helps you in shaping your figure and cutting down on extra fat and programs.

Diet Pill Fact

There are no diet pills! Those referred to as ‘diet pills’ are DANGEROUS and compel blood circulation to run faster than usual. This forces metabolism to act rapidly and can result in heart attack. Hence, strictly avoid them.

Metabolic Rate Fact

Did you know active metabolism helps in losing weight? You need to increase metabolism via including spices like red peppers and herbal teas like green tea in your diet.

Water Fact

Drinking water can make you understand the actual difference between being hungry and getting dehydrated. This can curb unnecessary cravings and weigh gain.

Fiber Fact

Consuming fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables will let you cut down on fats during the process of digestion process. This helps in weight loss.

Fast Food Fact

Of course, excessive and regular consumption of fast foods will increase fat content in your body. So make sure you stay away from deep-fried stuff.

The Measuring Fact

So you consider yourself fat with the measure of trouser? Well, fats in human body can get stored in the waistline. Hence your trousers can act as the best tools to check the fat content in your body.

Calorie Burn Fact

Most people think exercise helps in burning calories. But this is not true because exercise doesn’t burn off significant amount of calories but sleeping does!!! This means your body’s metabolism and activities such as food digestion, thinking, heartbeat, healing cuts, etc. burn off most of your calories.

Diet Fact

Each individual has a different body and hence, different diet plans should be introduced as per their body type. One may do best on a high protein diet whereas others may do well with boiled potato diet. This is WRONG!!! It is crucial to introduce variety into your diet and limit your diet with small portion and number of foods.



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