Lose 10 pounds – Making some simple changes to benefit

Are you keen on losing some weight? Experts feel that making some changes here and there will let you lose about 10 pounds. Yes, making certain changes will definitely bring huge difference in how you look. Now, here you need to understand that making small changes temporarily will not work. What would work for you is making small changes permanently.

You don’t require to count your calories, fat in grams or carbohydrates intake. All you require to do is to eat just about 250 calories less on a daily basis and indulge in about 250 calories worth of activity on a daily basis and you would definitely lose one pound in a week. The best part is that if you make certain changes in what you eat usually and in your daily life style, you can lose a lot of weight effortlessly.

Here are certain changes you require to make:

a) In case, you prefer drinking full sugar fizzy colas:
Stop! Stop! Stop! You would lose more than two pounds each week without even trying anything. A full can of fizzy cola drink consists of 150-170 calories and zero nutrition. You may opt for ice cold water or even a can of diet fizzy drink.

b) Walk! Walk! Walk!

Anyone who is serious about losing weight should take a brisk walk twice a day for at least 15 minutes. This will help you lose one pound in a month.

c) Switch to popcorn:

If you love to snack on some crisps and chips, you need to understand that these contain a lot of calories and fat grams. The best thing to do is to switch to air popped popcorn. These are lower in fat and calories. Switching to baby carrots would also help. There goes another half a pound.

d) Down size your foodie delights:

If you are in a mood to dig into some foodie delights such as a burger or a pizza, make sure that you order a junior sized burger or a pizza instead of a regular one. Don’t forget to include a side salad. This would reduce half the calories.

e) Get set go!

Now, it is time to get on to your exercise bike. You can burn more than about 200 calories. Try doing this at least twice a day. This will burn about 200 calories.

f) No sugar coated muesli:

It would be wise to switch to bran flakes from sugar coated muesli. Also use semi-skimmed milk. This will save about 70 calories. There goes another half pound.

g) Walk whenever possible:

Get engaged in physical activity whenever possible. This will let you lose another pound. Try parking your car at some distance and walk till office or the desired destination.

h) Exercise:

If you think you can lose weight without exercising, you are wrong. You would require to make certain efforts to lose weight. So tie your shoe laces and get going.

All the best!



Nice post ! Anyone who is serious about losing weight should take a brisk walk twice a day for at least 15 minutes. This will help you lose one pound in a month. Brisk walk is very beneficial for weight loss.


before I'm a big soda drinker and a junk food eater.. so that's why i gain some weight and i don't excercise.. but a few months back i started to gain my former self, the thinner version of me.. so i stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water instead.. and i replaced junk foods with oatmeal.. plus now i do biking around the streets.. still i don't do exercise but i do a lot of basketball and volleyball so that i could lose those extra weight.. so far so good..

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