Lose belly fat – Some simple and effective ways

Most people have tough time when losing belly fat. This area is the toughest to tone because anything we eat tends to straightaway accumulate at this section of our body. However, there is no need to lose heart. The techniques being discussed below will help you lose belly fat in a short span of time. All you require to do is to take out some time and make some efforts.

Exercises to consider

a) Aerobic Exercises:

These are known to work the best to tackle the stubborn belly fat. Try purchasing some of the best aerobic videos. This way, you can do your exercises whenever you want at the privacy of your home.

b) Swimming:

Swimming will also do wonders for your body. It is considered to be one of the best exercises and would help you lose calories in abundance.

c) Walking:

Try walking a lot. This would prove miraculous for you when it comes to losing belly fat. Walk on surfaces such as sand, woodland or fields. Here, you need to emphasize on wearing well cushioned trainers. This will keep your joints protected.

d) Weight training:

You could never go wrong with this. When you want to lose belly fat, it is important to workout with weights at least twice a week. Combine this with cardio exercises and you would get superb results. Emphasize on doing cargo thrice a week. For two days, you would be combining weights and cardio. One day, it would be just cargo. Remember that each weight training session should be for about 45 minutes and cardio session for 30 minutes.

Diet regime to follow

a) Junk food abolishment:

If you are serious about losing belly fat you need to throw out the junk food. Just make it non-existent in your life. Also do not keep junk food such as sweets, cookies and chips in your house. Remember that most junk food consists of refined sugar and carbs. This will raise blood sugar levels, thereby reducing your body’s ability to burn fat and enhance the appetite. Try finding out healthier options such as nuts, frozen yogurt with fruits, iced tea, salad with olive oil dressing and low fat alternatives to junk food.

b) Reduce consumption of bad carbs:

When it comes to losing fat, most people tend to stay away from carbohydrates. Consumption of carbohydrates is essential but you need to know about good cars and bad carbs. Foods created with refined flours such as white bread, donuts, pasta, biscuits and cakes need to be avoided. These amount of bloating, poor digestion and fat accumulation. Try retrieving your carbs from vegetables and fruits.

Also opt for whole meal bread or granary bread. Include oats, pulses, sweet potato and brown rice in your meal.

c) Late night snacks:

These are definitely a problem. Usually, people retire to bed right after a meal late at night. This results in high sugar levels in the blood stream and no loss of energy. The sugar turns into fat. It is vital to consume dinner three hours prior to bedtime.



Swimming works great for weight loss and burning calories. It is considered to be one of the best exercises and would help you lose calories in abundance.

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