Lose stomach fat – Tips on losing stomach fat faster

Most people across the globe simply hate to have a fat stomach because it looks ugly. However, they are unable to get rid of this ugly part of their body because they don’t know the right way to go about it. Some try to aim for a flat stomach by giving up food and others keep exercising without any results.

Now, this can be really frustrating. However, experts feel that exercising the right way and the right type of diet can contribute a lot to one’s goal of losing stomach fat.

a) Tip one:

The main secret behind losing stomach fat is to exercise at least three or four times over a week. The workout session needs to include aerobic activity.

b) Tip two:

Use more energy than you eat. So switch to a healthier diet and focus on exercising consistently to burn fat around stomach.

c) Tip three:

Diet control is very important for losing stomach fat. Now, here we don’t mean starving. Diet control means eating healthy and food rich in protein and vitamin. Stay away from saturated and trans fats.

d) Tip four:

Learn this age old theory and follow it religiously:

Breakfast like a king

Lunch like a minister

Dinner like a pauper

This means that your breakfast should be heavy, lunch in a normal manner and dinner as light as possible. Once you start following this theory and maintain it, you would never gain weight.

e) Tip five:

High protein diet will play a major role in losing stomach fat for you. For instance, let us assume that your body weight is about seventy kilograms. If this is the case, you need to eat almost 70 grams of proteins in a day. It is very easy. Egg white is rich in protein. Each egg white has about four grams of protein in it.

Hence, if you eat about five of them, about 20 grams of pure protein enters your body. You may also purchase a reputed protein powder and take it twice a day. Each scoop of protein powder usually contains 22 grams of protein in it. This will be helpful in getting extra proteins.

f) Tip six – Eat in every three hours:

Make sure you have light meals in every three hours. This will keep you full and also not leave you craving for more.

g) Exercise:

No matter what type of diet you follow, an exercise regime is very important for you. If you are serious about losing weight you should not neglect the importance of workout. Work out for at least half an hour daily. This will help you cut down on stomach fat easily.

Following all the above mentioned tips will help you get the desired toned abs you have been always dreaming of you need to have a good exercise regime combined with a healthy and protein diet. Make sure that you maintain consistency in whatever attempts you make for losing weight.


Rishabh Dua
Rishabh Dua

Agreed with the post! Diet control is very important for losing stomach fat. Diet control means eating healthy and food rich in protein and vitamin. Stay away from saturated and trans fats.

Gobind Asad
Gobind Asad

Might as well hit the gym once again and also try not to drink too much because I have beer belly already. :( It’s nice to know that there are a lot of ways to lose stomach fat faster than ever. I really love TIP FOUR! Will take note of this!! Thanks for the info! :)

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