No time for gym? Exercises as effective as hitting to the gym

If you are enthusiastic about getting a perfect figure or build a great physique but don’t have time or the money to take a gym membership, don’t lose heart. There are ways out to lose a lot of weight and gain a perfect figure even if you don’t hit the gym.

All you require to do is to learn some simple exercises, get hold of things that can easily found at home and start off with your exercise regime. There is a famous saying that goes as said below:
“A man can succeed at anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.”

So, if you have the enthusiasm in you to obtain the figure type you desire, all you require to do is to work towards it.

Some effective tricep home workouts:

a) Tricep dip:

You require strong and unmovable surfaces for this exercise. This will be helpful for depending on a surface that can hold your bodyweight. You can either use two chairs or tables. Make sure they are of the same height. Utilize the exercise technique that you would for a regular tricep dip.

b) Tricep extension:

This is a lying tricep extension. This ensures maximum muscle growth and stimulation. The exercise is quite easy to do on the floor. Use water bottles or books to use as weight. Now, do lying tricep extensions via using these weights. You need to be very strict about this regime to put maximum impact on your triceps.

Some easy home workouts:

a) Weightless concentration curl:

This is a great home workout. Start by standing straight. Now with your right hand catch hold of your left wrist. Try to apply pressure towards down using your right hand and simultaneously curl your left arm forcefully but at a slow pace. Once your elbow is curled, squeeze your biceps again and hold the position for one second prior to lowering it. Make sure you finish all reps prior to switching arms. Focus on working out your biceps all the time for each rep. you also need to ensure that you are applying strong pressure with the idle hand.


This is an exercise for legs. Start with a standing position and spread your feet at shoulder width. Now, squat down till both your legs reach 90 degree angle. When you lower yourself, you need to keep your back a little arched. Your head should be up and your glutes should be sticked out. Imagine as if you are sitting on top of a chair. As soon as you are at the bottom, start flexing your hamstrings, glutes and quads to bring yourself back to the position where you started.

c) Push up:

This is an essential and effective type of home workouts. This exercise will let you build up your shoulders, triceps and chest. Place your hands on ground at shoulder width. Now, keep your toes on the floor and feet together. At a slow pace lower your body and get your arms reach to a 90 degree angle. Now, it’s time to bring yourself back and flex to back up. Make sure you don’t spring back up in order to finish your rep.

Hope all the above mentioned tips provided you a crystal clear idea on how to exercise at home effectively.



If you are enthusiastic about getting a perfect figure or build a great physique but don’t have time To make yourself fit do regular workout and keep healthy diet routine. Stop eating high calorie food.

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