Obesity – Fab diet tips to control obesity

Obesity is referred to as a chronic condition in medical terms. People with this condition tend to store considerable amount of fat in their body. There is a measure for obesity known as Body Mass Index. An individual with obesity tends to have a BMI greater than 30. Obesity should not be ignored in any way.

Unfortunately, the number of obese people has increased to a considerable amount these days. This has also resulted in a lot of health conditions that people suffer from including some serious ones such as heart diseases. Hence, it has become very important to get rid of this condition.

Some effective diet plans can also be taken into consideration to control obesity.

Here are some diet tips for you to control Obesity:

a) Water:

This is a very important element to take into consideration. Anyone who aims at controlling Obesity or losing body fat should focus on drinking a lot of watch. Focus on drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily initially. Thereafter increase the amount to 10-12 glasses a day. This will keep your digestive system healthy, metabolism working and removes all toxins from the body. This will also act as a natural appetite suppressant for your body; thereby helping you in reducing a lot of weight.

b) Low carbs:

Another important thing to consider is to lower your carbohydrates intake. Now, you should not eliminate these completely but focus on restricting the intake. This will help you lose a lot of fat and also give you enough strength and stamina to workout. Stay away from white bread, refined flour, refined cereals and white sugar to reduce carbs. Focus on taking a good amount of brown sugar, brown bread, whole grain and whole wheat in your diet.

c) Unsaturated fats:

Focus of having unsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocado oil and fish oil in your diet. These are great for your health. These tend to contain a good amount of essential omega fats and take longer time to digest and fill you up timely. These are also heart healthy. Strictly avoid margarine, butter and vegetable oils when trying to control fat.

d) Vegetarian:

Going on a vegetarian diet will also help you a great deal when trying to control obesity. These are low on cholesterol and tend to provide you the required nutrients and vitamins.

e) Foods to avoid:

You need to know the foods to avoid when on a mission to control Obesity. You must avoid the following food items.

• Full cream milk

• Processed meats

• Pies

• Pastries

• Red meat

• Chips

• Chocolates

• Ice cream

• Puddings

• Cakes

• Biscuits

• Cream

• Chicken

Controlling Obesity is not a hard nut to crack especially if you focus on all the tips mentioned above. Consistency and commitment are the key to obtain success in any mission. Don’t follow an ideal diet only for two weeks and leave it. Follow the plan religiously and see the difference.



Obesity is a very sever disease and if you are suffering from obesity them you can suffer from heart diseases, blood pressure and other. There is a measure for obesity known as Body Mass Index. This post is very helpful to low down obesity.

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