Pregnancy weight – Practical tips get rid of that much abhorred pregnancy weight

It is a great feeling to get pregnant. One tends to feel overjoyed, give into a lot of cravings and gain weight too. The bundle of joy comes with a lot of excitement and a promise of new life ahead with full of happiness.

However, one of the most difficult phases for a woman to deal with is the losing of pregnancy weight. The body shape goes berserk after the delivery of a baby and one tends to feel depressed. It is quite difficult to lose Pregnancy weight, especially after indulging into a lot of goodies during the whole nine months. One surely needs to make quite an attempt to get rid of all that has been accumulated during pregnancy.

If you too are finding it hard to lose Pregnancy weight like a lot of other women across the globe, don’t feel disheartened. Here are some practical tips to help you lose Pregnancy weight. These are sure shot tips coming straight from the experts.

a) Visit your health care practitioner:

When considering to lose Pregnancy weight, you need to first visit a medical expert. He or she is the best person to judge your body type and present condition after delivering the baby. A heart-to-heart discussion and consultation is a must.

b) Commitment and discipline:

You need to practice self discipline and 100 percent commitment towards losing Pregnancy weight. Go with the diet plan and exercise regime. Be consistent with your Pregnancy weight loss program.

c) Breast feed:

This is the best and most important thing to do then trying to lose Pregnancy weight. Women tend to lose Pregnancy weight quickly via breast feeding their children. You can burn about 500 calories per feeding.

d) Diet:

You need to pay special and careful attention to your diet after pregnancy. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, lean meet, vegetables, whole grain foods and healthy and nutrition’s shacks such as corn, wheat crackers and nuts and raisins. Consume a protein rice diet. Eliminate fat and fast food from your diet regime completely.

e) Drink water:

You must focus on drinking at least ten to twelve 8 ounce glasses of water on a daily basis. Eliminate soft drinks, alcohol and soda based drinks form your diet. Opt for herbal teas or lemon drink instead.

f) Monitor your weight:

Keep a regular check on your weight after pregnancy. This will motivate you towards your goal further.

g) Being active is the key:

Once you have delivered the baby, start exercising and get active. You can initiate with some light physical activates to help you lose fats. Don’t push too hard. It would be wise to consult a health care practitioners what kind of exercises will be apt for your body type.

h) Walk:

Walk as much as possible. Try to reach a nearby store on your feet. This will keep you active.

i) Join a gym:

This will be a superb option as where will be instructors to take care of your body and suggest exercises required and opt for your body type.

Give yourself some time and develop a positive attitude. This will help you lose Pregnancy weight soon!



For pregnancy weigh you need guidelines but you can also reduce your pregnancy weight by simple exercise. Nowadays i m trying to reduce my pregnancy weight with simple yoga asnas and it is working well.

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