Staying in shape – Sure shot tips to stay fit for travelers

Do you travel frequently? If yes, this is going to disturb your whole workout schedule and even a healthy diet regime. Most people tend to put a lot of weight when they return home after a week’s travel. This is because one doesn’t focus on workout and the diet schedule goes berserk.

Hence, it becomes very essential to focus on following a schedule while traveling in order to make sure that you don’t gain the amount of pounds you lost after a hard workout at gym. Here are some tips to follow in order to make sure that you don’t miss out on precious workout even while traveling.

a) Plan ahead of time:

Before going out on a trip most of us tend to know exactly where we will be going ahead and for what time period. Hence, you must do some research ahead of time in order to know what kind of exercise and activities opportunities are available for workout. You can get some maps from the internet.

b) Walk:

One of the easiest exercises you can indulge in while traveling is walk. Walk for a mile and you would be able to lose about 100 calories. Also take stairs instead of elevators when staying in a hotel. The best thing to do is to go on a brisk morning walk prior to having breakfast.

c) An excursion:

Going for an excursion is a great opportunity to keep yourself fit. When sightseeing you can opt for cycling, jogging, horse riding, punting, rowing or even take a pedalo. All these are amazing cardiovascular activities.

d) Portable gym:

It would be a superb idea to pack a portable gym. Pack a stability ball, a stability ball pump, a skipping rope and two empty bottles of water (44 oz) to fill with water or sand. These can act as great dumbbells.

e) Stretch:

If your vacation includes spending good time in the pool, you can get into flexibility training. Just take a short dip inside the pool in order to get warmed up. Thereafter, you can increase your speed to 15 minutes.

f) Water water and water!

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while on a vacation. Drink a lot of water.

g) Watch out your calories:

It is very easy to get into temptation to eat a lot of rich food while on travel. You can enjoy varied foods. All you require to do is to watch out what you are eating. You need to stay away from fried food, fatty sauces, a lot of alcohol and rich desserts.

h) Rest:

It is also important to give yourself some time to recover after working out on a trip. Let your body and mind relax for some time. Taking some rest always ensure that you get improved performances while exercising.

Staying in shape is not difficult while on a trip. All you require to do is to follow all the tips mentioned above and enjoy your vacation. You also need to put some restriction on what you eat.

Enjoy your travel and stay in shape!




i am 100% satisfied with two points here that water and walk, because wherever you are two things you can do to maintain your health is drink so much of water and second is walk around. i can say that water and walking can maintain your health much better than other things.


i dont have time to be regular in diet and my body is not in shape and am worried about my body that its not in shape and how to get in shape back.i will follow this tips and hope i will be in shape soon

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