Teas that Help You Achieve your Weight Loss Goal

We all are aware that green tea is good for health. However, various other varieties such as oolong and other varieties possess magical properties that kill cravings, boost metabolism, and melt fat.

It is really amazing that how a steaming cup of tea makes an ideal option for losing weight. Research has revealed that certain teas not only melt fat by boosting metabolism, but prevent body from forming new fat cells.

Listed below are the most effective teas you can try for shedding those disturbing pounds:

Green Tea

This is a metabolism booster. It unlocks fat cells prior to a workout and even turbocharges the fat-blasting effects. Catechins, the compounds in green tea are actually belly-fat crusaders. These tend to blast adipose tissue via triggering the fat release from fat cells (especially the belly). It also increases capacity of liver for turning that fat into energy.

Oolong Tea

This is a very helpful tea power packed with catechins that facilitate weight loss via boosting body’s ability to metabolize lipids (fat). Research has revealed that sipping oolong tea can help lose six pounds over the course of the 6-week time period. Oolong tea also has a calming effect.

Mint Tea

You simply need to have a big tea cup of soothing peppermint tea. It will make you skinny! Some of the scents are known for their properties to trigger hunger while others are really helpful in suppress appetite. You may also consider also adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your pillow.

White Tea

You must have heard a lot about this tea. It is very helpful in preventing formation of new fat cells. Since white tea is dried naturally under sunlight, it the least processed and richest source of antioxidants among all kinds of teas. It is known to contain as much as three times as many polyphenols as in green tea. White tea is helpful in boosting lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and block adipogenesis (fat cells formation). This occurs due to very high levels of ingredients known to be very active on human fat cells. White tea is the real diet tea.

Rooibos Tea

This tea can help reduce weight as it regulates fat-storage hormones. Prepared from “red bush” plant leaves, the tea is specifically good for belly fat. Aspalathin, a very powerful flavonoid found in leaves of this plant grown exclusively in the small region of Cederberg, South Africa, near Cape Town is capable of reducing stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage.


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