Tips on Loosing Weight in a Busy Schedule

For many people loosing weight may seem to be a daunting task because of their busy schedule. Nowadays every one of us is so engrossed in our day to day life that we often either don’t get sufficient time or simply there is no willingness due to mental as well as physical fatigue. As a result loosing weight goes out of question, no matter how conscious we may have about our health and weight.

In today’s world full of hustle and bustle where they need to work for extended hours and sometimes need to travel extensively to reach office and back home along with running errands at home, shedding those few extra pounds may take a back seat. As a result they become fatter and fatter everyday and enter into an unhealthy lifestyle. Often due to lack of knowledge and expertise they even don’t know that they can stay fit and fine even in their busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. All it takes to be a little conscious about their health and nothing else.

Most of them are not even aware of the fact that with a right action plan in place along with a little willingness to loose weight can take them to the new heights of a healthy lifestyle, where they not only will look better, smarter and younger but would stay fit forever. Sooner than ever they would be able to gain that old shape again.

We are giving some time tested and proven tips here that can be very helpful irrespective of age, sex and physical leave:

Walk an extra mile: Walking a few extra blocks can make a huge difference in your decision of loosing weight. One can park their car a few blocks away or get down from the bus a few stop earlier so that he or she can walk some extra miles in order to loose weight. They may also go for an early morning walk for 15-20 minutes or do a little exercise even in their home.

Ban soda, drink water: Aerated drinks like cold drinks and soda are full of empty calories, which are often too difficult to digest, add to your calories and in turn add to your weight. In order to have flavored drinks, one can add lemon or orange to water and stop the carving felling for sodas. This would surely boost the process of losing weight in a lazy way.

Be active: Try to engage yourself in some physical activity, like using bicycle to reach your neighborhood or surroundings, using a bike instead of a car, washing your car or bike during weekends. Apart from that you should not use elevators and if possible should use stairs. In addition to that you should do some gardening work yourself instead of relying on a paid gardener. Believe it or not, these small activities in your daily life would surely help you loose weight gradually.

Use low calorie and low carb food: Save yourself from eating tempting and unhealthy food like finger chips or pizza or for that matter burger. Whenever you need to eat you should have low calorie food and low carb food. Eat healthy food like lots of fruits, vegetable salads, soup or steamed vegetables. This would help you a lot in loosing weight.

Last but not the least, be dedicated and believe in self: Though we have mentioned a few simple tips above but one of the most important tips is to believe in self and be committed, otherwise nothing would work perfectly. We do understand that it’s not easy to change everything (habits, routine, needs, wants and even desires) overnight, but one thing at a time in a slow and study way.

Most of the time you need not to go gyms and health parlors to stay fit but all you need to take care of is changing the way you live, think and react to your normal day routine.



Are you busy in your work and dont get time to workout. no worries, this article is really very amazing to stay healthy and fit during your working schedule.

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