Tips to Lose Weight in Navratri Fasting

Congratulations weight watchers! The 7-8 days of fasting during Navratri festival can make you lose considerable amount of weight. All you require doing is stay away from certain foods and follow a healthy diet regime. Here’s how to go about it:

Tip 1: Only One Meal

It is necessary to abstain from the delicious fried foods and sweet meats served during navratras (after all this is only the time of year that the meal is served). All you need to do is take just one meal of fried potatoes, pudding etc.

Tip 2: Light Meal (Day)

Eat very light during the rest of the day. You can include fruit juices, soups, salads, milk etc. In evening, prepare the main diet (early evening).

Tip 3: Light Meal (Night)

Since you are allowed to have one meal anytime during the day, you can prepare one heavy meal in the morning or afternoon. Keep the dinner very light and finish it off by 7:00. Take a bowl of soup (saltless), salad or fruits for dinner.

Understanding what goes into body:

  • Kuttu pooris (2) – 250 calories
  • Samak Kheer (½ bowl) – 175 calories
  • Paneer kofta (2 piece) – 300 calories
  • Potato curry – 190 calories
  • Sabudana namkeen (100 gm) – 250 calories

All you in all, if you have these ingredients together, it makes for whopping 1165 calories at one time! And if you much on potatoes chips and fries over these meals, they surely add up to the calories.

Here’s how you can eat wise during Navratri fast:

  • Prepare salt samak rice instead of sweet pudding.
  • Eat after every 3 hours during the fast. Small meals at regular intervals keep your metabolism intact.
  • Add more of yogurt, smoothies, and fruits to fill up.
  • Have a lot of water through the day.
  • Prepare boiled alloo chat with green chutney and curd. Add some rock salt and black pepper.
  • Prepare Kuttu rotis instead of Pakoras.
  • Samak Idlis and dosas are also healthy options.
  • Have skimmed milk.
  • Have coconut water and lemonade.
  • Drink gerbil tea and green tea.
  • Add bottle gourd and pumpkin curries in diet.
  • If you cannot resist sweets and pakoras, have them in moderate amounts.

Following the above listed tips will help you reduce caloric intake to a bigger amount. You will lose weight in a healthy way.



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