Winter Weight Loss Tips

Most people feel that it is difficult to lose weight without giving up on food. However, this is not true. You can easily lose weight via following the tips given below without starving yourself:

Set your Meal Clock

Set a timer for about 20 minutes. Be a slow eater. You must cultivate this habit to slim down without following a complicated diet plan. This way, you can savour each bite and make the meal last within the time slotted. Paced meals are known to offer pleasure and trigger fullness hormones of the body.

Sleep your Way to a Killer Figure!

You need to focus on sleeping an extra hour a night. This is important as it helps one lose about 6 kilos in a year. I didn’t believe this until the dietician introduced me with a research conducted by a university researcher who proved that sleep replaces idle activities and even mindless snacking!

Whole Grains

Whole grains including brown bread, brown rice, oats, barley, and buckwheat can work really well to ensure success to your weight loss plan.

Chew Gum

You need to chew sugar free gum that has a strong flavour. This should be done right before you get that deadly snack craving. Gum with a big flavour punch tends to overpower other foods. Nothing tastes good after having a minty gum.

Go Green

Drinking green tea can help you burn calories through the action of phytochemicals known as catechins.

Practice Kriyas

Many individuals have experienced weight loss with kriyas. For those with weak digestion and retarded ability to convert the food into flesh, practicing kriyas, can kick start the digestive process and a conversion of food to flesh will be more efficient and results in weight gain. On the other hand, if your digestive fires were good, you begin with kriyas, you’ll lose weight and the conversion rate will improve. However, instead of turning the food into flesh, it will turn food into a subtler dimension of energy. Now, however much you eat, you will find you are losing weight. Practicing kriyas will keep you from gaining weight even if you eat larger amounts of food. This is because the body experiences alteration in conversion ratio.

Fiber Foods

Consuming fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables will let you cut down on fats during the process of digestion process. This helps in weight loss.


Lemon water will help liver in eliminating waste products from liver. It will also increase body fat. Lemon water when combined with proper diet and physical activity expedites the process of weight loss.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast will make it very hard for you to lose weight. So, if you are really interested in losing weight and maintaining healthy weight forever; you must have breakfast daily. Breakfast is important to kick-start metabolism and forcing it to burn calories. The best thing to do is eat something within the first two hours of waking. Have complex carbohydrates combined with some protein as breakfast.


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