5 Reasons Men Lie

Are you sick of your man telling lies all the time? Well he lies about where he is, working late, the text message and the way he feels for you. Now you wonder why he lies effortlessly about trivial things. Women since ages have been unable to solve this mystery. Although we all lie at some point of life, men lie more, especially to women. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons men lie to women:

1. The Situation: “How do I look tonight?”

The Lie: Beautiful

Well, all women know their men are lying when they answer this simple question. Why do they lie in the first place? They don’t want to hurt their women, they don’t know how to react to this question and they can’t tell the truth. Men would say it when they find their women hot. If they haven’t noticed you latest hairstyle, dress or the recent facelift you’ve spent your salary on, they don’t find it charming. And when the question is posed, they just have one option left – to lie!

2. The Situation – “Are you serious about the relationship?”

The Lie: I need some time/Can we talk about it later?

If you have ever gotten upset and reacted radically the moment your man said – “I’m not serious about the relationship at the moment?” Hence, the truth! They want to avoid the drama, tears, questions, endless conversations, and the nagging. Men just sugarcoat things and tell you things subtly to avoid the drama.

3. The Situation – Are you checking out that girl in your office?

The Lie: No, we’re just friends/she’s just a colleague

Nobody wants to get caught. This is human nature and true of both men and women. However, men are a little different and have their own way of twisting things around. If you catch your man doing something wrong (the relationship) he doesn’t care for you. He would not have done it in the first place if he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. He lied because he wanted to save his own skin, plain and simple.

4. The Situation – “When will you reach home/call again/text me”

The Lie – In ten minutes

And the ten minutes probably end for hours! Why on earth do they say 10 minutes in the first place? To avoid giving explanations! Men lie to get out of the explanation mode. They know the meeting may take more than an hour or a ‘men’s party’ will run all but they say they’ll be there for you in ten minutes. Why? First, if they say the truth women will ask why and then for each answer there’ll be tons of things to explain. Hence, they play the ten minute trick and keep extending that to another ten minutes and so on.

5. The Situation – “Do I look Fat?”

The Lie – “What? Umm…No/Not at all/Nope”

Men usually wonder how to react when their women ask this question especially when the lady wasn’t really making an effort to lose weight. How can a dress and make do the miracle in one night. Hence, they lie. They simply don’t know how to react.



Hahaha....amazing facts about men. Nice post,


nice! well i need to know these things as my boyfriend is also making such lies. Thanks :)


Hahaha, amazing list of questions and with the most common answers of men on girls question. well i am totally agree with this article that these are the main five reasons for that men tell a lie.

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