5 Signs He’s Married or Already taken!

Often, women get trapped in a new relationship wherein the new romance becomes the utmost thing in their life. Unfortunately, they don’t get to know when a married man preys. Many men are expert in this despicable behaviour. Sometimes, when a woman comes to know about their intentions it is already too late.

So how to know the man you are dating is married?

Here are 5 signs the man in your life is already taken:

He Pays in Cash

He pays for everything in cash when you are with him. Although you may not find anything wrong in it, but paying for everything in cash right from movies to trips, dinners, and lingerie is a way a married man avoid his wife checking his bills. Paying by debit or credit card is easy. But if he still goes out of the way to pay cash for everything, you have a strong reason to suspect him.

Time Restrictions

It is not easy for married men to be flexible with time. They usually have many restrictions on times and places he can see you. This is because he is married and has a fear of being caught. An unmarried guy who is really interested in you and does not have any strings attached won’t mind being with you till late.

The Travelling Man

His job requires a lot of travel. Married men can easily enjoy a secret life. And his wife may not be able to make out what he has been into. So if the man you’re dating is travelling a lot, you need to keep a check on him. He may be married.

He either Whispers or doesn’t receive Calls

He strictly avoids receiving calls from his cell phone. And even if he does, he will just whisper. Secrecy is a priority for a married man. H will maintain it at any cost.

No Family Introductions

A married man will have hundreds of reasons for not introducing you to his family. So if the man you are dating with doesn’t take you home of introduce you to his family, you have a reason to suspect his intentions.

It is important to make out if a man is trying to take you for a ride. And if he is, teach him a lesson. Hope the above tips help you. Good luck and happy dating.



After reading this article it seems my boyfriend is cheating on me. Really thanks for the post.

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