Risky Post Abortion Physical Symptoms

Once you had abortion, the body takes some time to recover. But are there symptoms that should be a cause of concern? Do some of the signs indicate health risks? Well, just as any other surgical procedure, abortion too comes with its share of risks. If you see the following warning signs, make sure you speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

The Post Abortion Health Warning Signs


If you have fever over 100 degrees that doesn’t respond to medication, you need to worry. Make sure you reach out to your doctor and get a check up done to know what’s wrong. In case, fever stays for 48 or more hours, over 100 degrees, get immediate medical attention.


Bleeding is normal after abortion. But do you know the limit? Do you know how much bleeding is normal?

Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

Bleeding should not be abnormally heavy. It should not exceed a heavy flow period at worst.

Don’t ignore clots that are bigger than a quarter or grape size. Understand that bigger clots are a danger sign. For instance, if you see clots that are of orange size or bigger, contact the doctor immediately.

The bleeding should stay the same. It should get lighter as each day passes. You need to worry if it gets heavier.

Check with your doctor if bleeding lasts anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks after abortion.

In case, the bleeding gets heavier or the colour of the discharge changes back to a bright red. An indication of new bleeding is dangerous. Get yourself checked with a doctor.

Cramps and Pain

Cramps and pain are normal but you need to check with a doctor if it is unbearable and result in soreness. Excessive pain that does not respond to medicine should be attended on an immediate basis.

Other Warning Signs




Tissue discharge

Vaginal discharge that smells foul

Abdominal swelling

A feeling of tenderness in the abdomen

Continued pregnancy symptoms

Significant changes in bladder habits

Change in regular bowel habits

Blood in stool

Blood in urine

Bleeding from IV sites (intravenous sites). These include top of the hand, upper forearm, lower forearm, inner forearm (right near elbow fold).

Precautions –

Take a break from strenuous activities such as lifting things and moving around the house a lot. You need to focus on complete bed rest. Keep your feet elevated. Stay in bed. The chores can wait. Hire a help and order food for dinner.

Understand you have had a surgical procedure. Hence, you should take good care of yourself physically.



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