Signs you are in Labor – Identifying Symptoms of Labor Pain

Identifying labor pain can be really difficult for a first time mother. Understanding the symptoms is very essential to prompt action. Here are some common signs that indicate you are in labor:

Common Symptoms for Labor pain

• Water breaking. This is characterised by dark or green color smelly fluid. Contact your doctor immediately.

• Passing of the mucus plug

• Tightening of abdomen

• Cramps, lower back pain or abdominal pain starts at some interval and then arise constant.
• When the baby settles or get lower in your pelvis, you feel labor, often referred to as lightening. It usually occurs some hours or weeks prior to the labor. The phase will make you feel like urinating a number of times.

• Opening of the cervix

• Thinning of the cervix (Cervical effacement)

• You may feel that the baby is moving very less

• Bleeding in vagina

• A sensation of fever or headaches

• Regular contractions. The abdomen gets hard. During contractions your uterus relaxes and the abdomen gets soft. It also causes anxiety, back pain or lower abdomen pain with pressure in the pelvis. The movement is similar to a wave from the top to the bottom of the uterus. It may also feel like heavy menstrual cramps. In case, you feel consistent contraction, it is a definite sign of labor.

• Contractions usually occur at regular interval and continue for 30 to 70 seconds. This periods increases with time. True labor is usually differentiated by strong contractions that last 45-60 seconds. It may even occur three to four minutes at a distance.


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