Things Women don’t know about Men – Some Surprising Facts about Men

For men, women are a mystery and vice versa. Since a lot has been researched, written and debated about women and the mystery halo they carry around, it’s time to unearth the male mystery.

There are certain things women may not be aware about men. Here’s what’s been undercover for ages:

Men get Self-Conscious

If you’ve been considering men as strong confident beings, think again. Men tend to get self conscious about how they look. They are self-conscious about their bodies! They are insecure. You may not have noticed this before because they are brought up to believe that they can’t show them.

They Remember their Ex

It is a wrong notion that men get over their previous affairs easily. The truth is that sometimes, they never get over an ex. They just learn to live with it. They miss their ex.

Men Cheat for a Reason

It is not wise to tag all men as ‘cheaters’. And if most of them cheat, there’s a reason. They may have caught their girlfriends indulging in some wild fun out of relationship or they have lost interest in the relationship etc.

Men are Hopelessly Romantic

Yes, they are romantic. They can sing for their girlfriends, they can get flowers, teddy bears, cards and even slip a diamond ring secretly into your wine glass. They’ll even cook for the ones they love. But if they aren’t doing any of these to you, he’s not with the right person.

They don’t mind having Platonic Relationship

Yes, men can have female friends and not want to have sex with them.

They may have Difficulty in having No Strings Attached Sex!

While many may do it under the influence of alcohol or various other reasons, men are usually uncomfortable jumping on women for sex. They need emotions.

Future is Certainly on their Mind

It is not only women who believe in planning for a beautiful house, a family, careers and luxury. Men do think about future. They wish to have a beautiful life with wife, kids, cars, gadgets and dogs. It is just they’re afraid of sharing their dreams with the wrong person or giving wrong ideas to women they are with.


Miss Z
Miss Z

'Men cheat for a reason'? Seriously? If any man feels that the woman they're with isn't compatible with them than that relationship needs to end. There is no excuse or reason to cheat.


Quite informative article! Now i keep my eye on my husband's activity. :P


ohhh really you are right, you know When husbands reported that they did not get affective affirmation from their wives often, that couple was two times more likely to divorce over time.

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