10 Reasons to Practise Bikram Yoga

Ever thought of sweating out profusely in a heated room to gain the benefits of good health, lose weight and look fabulous? Bikram Yoga is the ideal option for you. Here are top 10 reasons to practise Bikram Yoga:

Overall Health Improvement

Practicing yoga in a heated room will provide you with effects similar to sitting in a sauna. The heat enhances pulse rate and metabolism which allows blood vessels to ensure flexibility. This facilitates circulatory systems to flow with greater ease and enhances flow of blood to the limbs. Thereafter, warmth created in the muscles facilitates body to move freely. Warm body can easily twist, bend and stretch to offer internal organ massage. This benefits all of the organs, inner glands, ligaments and muscles.

Refreshed and More Energy

Bikram yoga helps you wake up refreshed and energized. You can easily enhance your energy levels via practising Bikram yoga. It will also enhance sleep patterns and you will enjoy restful and restorative sleep.

Elimination of Toxins

Bikram yoga leads to massive elimination of toxins in the body owing to large amount of sweating during the process. It is also possible to drop many pounds in just one class. Studies have proved that body burns fat more effectively in the heat. It also helps in redistribution of fat and to be used as energy during the class. You may even observe significant decrease in centimetres with consistent practice.

Treat Insomnia

One of the best benefits of practicing Bikram yoga is that it helps people fall asleep easier and wake up feeling rested. This restores energy and helps one wake up with double the energy.

Burn More Calories

Although you may not feel good about fitting into that skimpy, funny dress, you would simply love the amount of calories the practise helps you burn per class. It is said that one can easily burn anywhere between 500 and 1000 calories per class!


Enhanced Confidence

Staying committed to Bikram Yoga practice will help you do anything. It helps you gain immense confidence that comes from the power that develops within. You also love gaining overall control over health and well-being.


Enhanced Immunity

Practicing Bikram Yoga regularly will help you stay equipped and fight infection with a hot yoga practice. This is quite similar to when your body raises its temperature to fight infection. The raised temperature inside the room will assist in improving T-cell function as well as the proper functioning of your immune system.


Enhanced Back Health

You’ll notice that your back doesn’t hurt anymore. Regular practice of yoga will strengthen and stretches the spine.

Look Good Naked

This is obviously the best reason to practice Bikram yoga.


Feel Like a Hero

You will become physically stronger and begin to carry body differently. It improves posture and makes you walk taller.


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