7 Reasons to Incorporate Kapalbhatti Pranayama in Daily Life

There are many reasons to incorporate Kapalphatti into your daily life. Listed below are 7 most important reasons to have Kapalbhatti Pranayama:

Mental Wellbeing

When you practise Kapalbhati, you need to exhale as if you are throwing all. This expels negative thoughts out and breathing in all the positive thoughts. This enhances mental wellbeing.

Improves Vitality of Abdominal Organs

Kapalbhati stimulates pancreas in order to release insulin and helps control diabetes mellitus. In order to improve liver and spleenic functions, the yoga practise is apt. This cures diseases as cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis (A.B.C), and anaemia. In case, you are regularly suffering from constipation, acidity and anorexia etc., Kapalbhatti will help you cure the conditions. The pranayama is important to regularize endocrine and exocrine systems. It helps in regulation of all kinds of glandular secretions and found effective in oligospermia, azoospermia, and fallopian tube blockage. It helps in removing cysts and tumours.

Relieves Backache

This is one of the most common of all problems faced by people across the globe. It occurs mainly due to weak muscles, improper posture, emotional stress, and psychological disturbances. Weak abdominal muscles are also responsible for backache because it is doubled by protruding belly. A swollen abdomen pulls the back forward. This distorts natural alignment of spine stretches back-muscle. This leads to spasm. Muscular spasms are caused also caused and aggravated by emotional stress. Regular practise of ‘Kapalbhatti’ helps in relieving backache via strengthening back and abdominal muscles. It also maintains and increases the flexibility of the muscle ligaments and tendons. Kapalbhatti also improves posture and enhances density and strength of bone.

Blood Purifier

The yoga pranayama also helps in blood purification. This leads to glorious and lustrous skin. Regular practise will also cure various skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema. Other diseases that can be cured include vitiligo, leucoderma, and many more.

Good for Nervous System

Kapalbhatti is a voluntary ‘Hyperventilation’ practice. Systematic and regular practice will help in developing nervous system and removes the toxin from the cells. The brain cells receives oxygen rich blood during practise which helps in enhancing blood flow and the functioning of brain cells. In short, it improves learning, efficiency, and concentration.

Hair Growth

Yoga exercises are good for hair growth. They also help in stopping hair loss. Some of the major reasons for hair loss include stress and hormonal imbalance. It removes anxiety and stress caused in daily life. Kapalbhatti cures hair loss due to hormonal imbalance and stress. Kapalbhati breathing exercise reduces stress and strain.


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