Best Recommended Yoga Pose during Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy is highly beneficial. It helps in keeping the mother-to be and her foetus healthy. However, there are certain poses you must focus on during pregnancy. The ones you have been performing may not be suitable for you now.

Here are some of the most recommended yoga asanas that you can perform during pregnancy:

Baddha Konasana – The Cobblers Pose

Step 1: Sit erect against a wall.

Step 2: Make sure the soles of the feet touch the wall.

Step 3: Now softly press the knees down and away from each other. Strictly avoid forcing your feet apart.

Step 4: Hold on to this pose for as long as you can.

The Squat

Health experts recommend pregnant women to squat daily. This is very helpful in relaxing and opening up the pelvis. It is also helpful in strengthening the upper legs.

Step 1: Face the back of a chair.

Step 2: Keep your feet fairly wider than hip-width apart. Keep the toes pointing outwards. For additional support, you may cling to the back of the chair.

Step 3: Suck in your abdominal muscles.

Step 4: Lift your chest, and relax your shoulders.

Step 5: Drop your tailbone toward the floor as if you are going to sit down in a chair.

Step 6: Discover your balance. It is important that most of your weight is on your heels.

Step 7: Breathe deeply.

Step 8: Now exhale and rise to a standing position.

Cat-Cow – The Pelvic Tilt

Step 1: Go down on the hands and knees.

Step 2: Keep the arms shoulder-width apart.

Step 3: Keep knees hip-width apart.

Step 4: Keep your arms straight. Avoid locking your elbows.

Step 5: As you inhale, pull your buttocks under and round your back.
Step 6: Relax your back in a neutral position as you exhale.

Step 7: Repeat this exercise at your own pace.

The Side-Lying Pose

Step 1: Lie on any one side.

Step 2: Rest your head on an arm or on a blanket.

Step 3: Place a body pillow or soft blanket roll between the thighs. This is to will provide support to the hips.

You can also include some other poses into your pregnancy yoga routine:

• Virabhadrasana I & II – The Warrior pose

It helps ease back pain and sciatica during pregnancy.

• Vrikshasana – Tree pose

The asana helps in strengthening the joints and increase balance.

• Adho Mukha Vrikshasana – The Downward-Facing Dog pose

This pose helps in providing the much required energy to the entire body. However, you should avoid this pose during the third trimester.



Absolutely amazing asanas! Great to know that you are posting such amazing articles for pregnancy women...Thanks a lot.

Jitesh Manaktala
Jitesh Manaktala

Thanks! Pratibha, you can check our pregnancy section, we regularly post articles in this section.

Jitesh Manaktala
Jitesh Manaktala

Thanks! Jasmine for your valuable comment, yes! it is always advisable take advise from your Doctor before starting yoga.


Really thanks for posting such article. I need to relax during my pregnancy and it seems that yoga is the best way.


hay if you are going to do yoga during pregnancy so just be careful and first of all just take advice from your doctor and just do yoga under the instruction of the instructor.

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