Better Sex with Couple Yoga

Heard of couple yoga? Well, this may be a new term for you. But definitely offers some extraordinary benefits to you and your partner. And yes, the major impact is on your sex life. It will rock and help you cement bond between the two of you.

Couple Yoga as a Foreplay Technique

Now foreplay on the mat may seem a bizarre idea altogether but this may definitely work. Sex is primal in a relationship. When it comes to bedroom performance, a majority of middle aged men fail owing to their physical problems such as back pain and overall muscle tension. And luckily, yoga addresses these problems.

Stiffness in lower back and hips can hinder performance. All they need to do is indulge in a mat quickie. And when it comes to arousing his interest in being your partner on the mat, you need to be a little persuasive (just as you are to him for a lot of other things in life).

Couple yoga will increase flexibility of your body, enhance staying power, delay ejaculation, and bring you more in sync with each other. Here, you need to start with two mats rolled out. Investing just ten minutes of a day in couple yoga will help.

Here’s what you need to do:

Adho mukha svanasana – Downward-facing dog

This is a little modified version to suit couples doing it together and benefit them equally.

The Benefits: It will give you that much desired sexy back as you help each other release tension or pain that has been accumulated around the lumbar spine with the passage of time.

How to Practise

Step 1: Ask your guy to come into downward-facing dog pose.

Step 2: Grab hold his thighs.

Step 3: Gently pull him toward you and up. You must lift the weight out of his hands slightly and then release his lower back.

Step 4: Hold for about 10 breaths.

Step 5:  Switch positions.

Step 6: Without partner’s help, take a yoga strap, belt, or tie and create a big loop.

Step 7: Tie one end securely to a doorknob.

Step 8: Facing away from the closed door, position the strap across the middle of your thighs.

Step 9: Tie the other end to the doorknob.

Step 10: Fold hips from forward and feel some pressure on your thighs that pulls you toward the door.

Step 11: Now walk your hands forward on the floor.

Crescent Lunge

Benefits: The couple yoga posture will help strengthening pelvic floor of you and your partner. It will also enhance his staying power.

How to Practise

Step 1: Stand tall, and pointing your tailbone down, pull you abs in.

Step 2: Step your right foot forward a leg’s length.

Step 3: Bend your right knee till your thigh is parallel to the floor. You need to lower yourself into a lunge.

Step 4: Straighten your left leg fully. Here, your target is to reach back through the heel.

Step 5: Lift your arms straight up overhead or rest your hands on your hips.

Step 6: Engage your pelvic floor by imagining that you are holding in urine. Stay here for 10 breaths.

Step 7: Then switch sides.

Breathe Posture

Benefits: The yoga posture allows you to sync your breath in order to soothe your senses and help you seduce your mat mate.

How to Practise

Step 1: Have your partner sit cross-legged.

Step 2: Sit on his lap face to face.

Step 3: Breathe more deliberately.

Step 4: Match your breath to your partner’s. Make sure you make only the minutest movements.

Step 5: Stay for as long as possible in this position. You need to focus on matching your breath with your partners.

Step 6: Start swaying slightly once you feel in tune.

Step 7: Begin to breathe on each other’s neck or ear.

Step 8: Take the process further and enjoy!!!!!


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