What to Eat when Practicing Yoga

‘Yoga diet’ may not be a common term for you. In fact, nobody expects to follow a specific diet to support yoga practices. However, it is a fact that following a diet pattern for yoga will help. Diet plays an important part in getting complete benefits from yoga practice. No wonder pregnant ladies, body builders, and sportspersons require special food.

Understanding Yoga Diet

Yoga diet is not typically a calorie count based philosophy. The major stress is laid on type of food consumed and its quality. Many of the ancient age yogis have survive on meagre amount of food. Surprisingly, they still enjoy better health than all of us.

Focus on nutrition available from food. Taste is secondary. What ails human body is the tendency to become slave to taste buds. Temptation is sin in yoga. Moderation is recommended in whatever one consumes. Self discipline in choice of foods is very important for health.

Give up on Junk

All of your pizzas, hamburgers, jams, ice creams, jellies, soft drinks etc. have usurped human body and mind; especially the eating patterns. This has lead to obesity all around. These fast foods are rich source of oil, sugar, and all kinds of preservatives. These are harmful for health. These days, people are attracted to new varieties of fast food. These are low in nutrition. Additionally, these foods strain digestive system which makes body work more for digestion and elimination of waste.

Go Organic

Ideal yoga diet should come from natural sources of nutrition. Nature has provided many nutritious edible foods such as fresh fruits, whole grains, milk, seasonal fruits, vegetables, honey and dry fruits.

Avoid Overstuffing

Most people fall sick due to their tendency to overeat. Wrong dietary habits can have negative impact on mind and body. Hence, it is vital to observe moderation in quantity of food we eat. Over eating and snacking between meals can be seriously harmful.

Have a Balanced Diet

Balanced diet is indispensable requisite for good health. A balanced diet should include good amounts of salads, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, milk and raw nuts.

Raw Foods are Healthy

Raw foods are definitely good for health. All vegetables eaten raw constitute salad. Fresh cucumber, carrots, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. make for the best choices. Make sure the Salad is cut into small pieces. Salad should form first course of your lunch and dinner. This means you need to eat plenty of salad half an hour prior to your meals. This will help in reducing food intake.

Fresh fruits and raw nuts should also be an integral part of your daily yoga diet.


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