Leading Happier Stress Free Life with Meditation

You must have heard a lot about giving rest to your body. And most of us make dedicated efforts to ensure adequate rest to the mind. However, what about the mind? How often during the day do you have time to rest your mind? It may come as a shock to you but it is true that right from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you sleep, your mind is at work. Your leisure activities such as drinking morning coffee or sitting in front of the TV also keeps the mind occupied. This may lead to stress. Stress is the major trigger for many problems in life. Right from depression, health conditions, and inability to concentrate, stress can cause take a toll on your daily life.

What to do?

Meditation is the solution here. This is a technique that aims to create some quality time for our mind and allows us to concentrate on where we are at the present moment. It also helps in making us aware of what is exactly going on in our mind.

Meditation comes with a huge number of physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. Here are some ways it makes your life easy and stress free:

Good Sound Sleep

Since meditation puts your mind at ease and deeply relaxes your body, it is very helpful in putting you to sleep in an easier manner. There are many attention-focusing meditation techniques that one can practise in order to encourage sound sleep. Progressive relaxation is another technique that works towards significantly improving sleep onset times for insomniacs.

Problem Solving Skill

Meditation helps you focus on present thoughts and situation. It also enables you to see what’s really in front of you. This helps you distinguish illogical negative thoughts from positive constructive ones. The process facilitates problem solving skills in an individual.

Relief from Worries

Uncertainty and worries are the major cause of anxiety. The solution is to keep reminding yourself ‘this too shall pass’. You need to build up your confidence through practicing meditation daily.

Lower Blood Pressure

The major cause of hypertension and high blood pressure is stress. Hence, reducing stress will automatically help in developing a healthier heart. Studies have proved that people who practiced transcendental meditation regularly had lower blood pressure.

Control over Mind

Meditation helps in breaking down issues, one’s thoughts, and situations. This leads to the individual having more control over their mind and behaviour. This means if you are addicted to binge eating, meditation can help!

How to Meditate?

This is not difficult. All you need to do is start meditating now. Try buying new clothes, secure a meditation room, a mentor who would help you concentrate, and a soothing background soundtrack.

Making meditation a part of your lifestyle will help you lead a happy, stress free life.


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