How to Practise Yoga without Injuries and Side Effects

Practicing yoga at home is easy! For beginners who want to start at home, it is crucial to perform some groundwork prior to jumping into the arena. It is crucial to keep from potential prevent injury and maximize the power of yoga. The idea is to focus on preparation and make some modest investments. This will help you make learning yoga at practical and fun experience.

If you have already made up your mind to perform yoga at home, here are some helpful tips to establish home yoga practice area:

The Space

If it is about performing yoga, then it is important for you to set aside a space. Dedicate this space to yoga practice. Keep it free from furniture as it may prove to be a hazard to you while performing yoga asana.  The space should also be very clean as the breathing exercise demands inhaling of pure air into your body. Also decorate it with images and objects that help you evoke calm and sacred feeling in your heart.

Modest Investment

Since you are starting yoga at home, you must invest in tools of trade. First, you should buy a yoga sticky mat. It is important to ensure comfort and avoid injuries while performing ground asanas. Also buy two blocks and a strap for modifications. Two bolsters are also necessary for under your knees. It is also wise to invest in a zafu or meditation cushion.

Avoid Injury

When you practice yoga at home, it is important to protect yourself from injury. As already mentioned, it is crucial to keep your space clear of certain obstacles like furniture and children’s toys. Strictly avoid forcing a posture. Competing with your body at home with nobody to help you out can be dangerous.

The Style

There are many different styles of yoga to choose from. If you are a newcomer, it is important to gather adequate information about them. Make a research about the types, their benefits and choose one. Hatha yoga is known to be the most common type of yoga and you can choose from many schools of Hatha yoga. Kripalu yoga is the best way to learn mechanics of a pose.  If you love dynamic movement and deep meditation, go for Kundalini.


Although you have decided to perform yoga at home, it is important to get some instructions prior to deciding on a style. It is good to attend a few classes or learn the art from Yoga DVDs.

Be Gentle

In case, you are beginner to yoga, it is important to start with small increments of time.  You must respect the discipline and your body and allow it some time to adjust to your practice.

Set the Mood

Good music during yoga is important. There is no hard and fast rule about choosing the music. You can choose whatever excites, inspires and soothes your nerves.


The basic purpose of yoga is to support meditation. So take out some time to meditate and relax the mind.  There are a number of forms of meditation. The simplest one to try is via sitting with a straight spine, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.

Hope the above mentioned tips help you practise yoga at home! All the Best!


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