Relaxation through Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga relaxation techniques for pregnant women have attained great popularity among women over the years. Women all around the world are adopting these techniques to experience comfortable, healthier, and happier pregnancy and delivery. No wonder the yoga pregnancy centres have mushroomed across the globe for the past few years.

However, for some women, yoga is still a subject full of scepticism. It would not be wrong to say that pregnancy yoga techniques involve a lot of trepidation and nervousness in the minds women. They fear about adverse effects of certain poses during pregnancy.

The cynicism is whether Pregnancy Yoga practices involve any side effects. This is due to a huge number of misconceptions existing about Yoga. Now it must be made very clear that Yoga poses comprise of a very small part of the entire integrated practice of Pregnancy Yoga. The basic motive is to calm down the mind of mother to be and drive out the fears and anxieties about pregnancy and delivery.

If you are pregnant and have decided to perform yoga relaxation techniques during pregnancy, here are some of the best ones to perform. These techniques are highly beneficial for pregnant women.

Yoga Relaxation Techniques to Follow During Pregnancy

Wide Legged Seated Position

Step 1: Be seated on the floor with legs wide apart.

Step 2: The pelvis should be well grounded. Make sure the diameters of pelvic canal are wide. This promotes a sense of openness.

The Benefits: The technique helps in increasing the movement of hip joint while the muscles of inner thighs and hamstrings stretch and contract. The yoga technique works towards stabilizing and anchoring your pelvis. During this process, your body will enhance release of tension. It will also have a soothing effect on your spine, neck and shoulders.

Spine Support

Step 1: Start in the basic sitting position.

Step 2: Lean your lower back against a wall.

You can also perform this asana via sitting back-to-back with a partner. Alternately you can perform it with your partner’s feet supporting your spine


Step 1: Spread your legs wide apart as far as you can.

Step 2: Strictly avoid exceeding the limits of your tolerance. Make sure you are comfortable with opening your legs. It is more important to be comfortable than how wide you open your legs.

Step 3: Focus on your breath and how exactly your body feels in contact with the floor.



Quite informative article! During pregnancy it is important to do yoga regularly..... may i know few asanas for removing the chances of miscarriage.


NIce article! These days i am going through my first pregnancy and i am having stomach ache. Can i get some yoga asanas?

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