Supreme Benefits of Pranayama

‘Pranayama’, the term is derived from Sanskrit words – Prana (life force) and Ayama (control). Hence, in its broadest description, Prananyama would mean the control of the flow of life force. To sum up, pranayama is control of breath is Pranayama. The almighty has provided prana, the supreme source of power to all human beings. Proper utilisation of this free source of energy can make remarkable changes to our health, vitality and self confidence.

There are many thousands of benefits of pranayama that cannot be recorded in a single article. However, you can imagine amazing changes such as mental peace and clarity of thought and enhanced state of health.

The Pranayama Benefits

Anti-aging Effects

Pranayama provides you with the inner glow and charm. Just have a look at the skin of people who practice pranayama regularly and you would know what we are talking about.

Enhanced Breathing

Breathing is the indication of life. However, the technique of breathing depicts one’s health. Pranayama improves breathing and you breathe in the oxygen that is taken to right places to energize inner cells and help them function properly. It also releases stress from the heart muscles and calms down the brain.

Enhanced Immunity

Regular practice of pranayama enhances overall health. Since all of the body parts get more oxygen and energy with toxins washed off, the resistance power of the body is enhanced through cell rejuvenation. This combats various diseases. No wonder cancer patients observe improvement in health with regular practice of yoga.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Pranayama is primarily focussed on breathing activity and hence, holds immense potential to enhance cardiovascular health of an individual who practices pranayama daily. Anulom vilom and bhastrika are the best examples in this regard. All the body cells get revitalized and one can feel amazing improvement in the blood circulation. This stabilizes heart palpitation and controls blood pressure.

Enhanced Mental Sharpness

Consistent practice of pranayama enhances concentration in the individual and helps one calm in adverse conditions. For those who get distracted easily or are unable to concentrate in his work will definitely find the difference from the very first week.

Enhanced Digestive System

Certain types of pranayama such as kapalabhaati, agnisaar and bahya, exercise stomach muscles and the gastrointestinal tract. This helps in curing and relieving symptoms of digestive problem. This can be observed by tremendous dip in medicine intake making the individual feel more energetic and revitalized from within.


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