Toned, Fab Butt with Yoga!

It is no secret that yoga can increase body flexibility. The best part is that if you are looking for reducing flab from a specific area of body, performing certain asanas help! Many poses work toning butts too. If you think your bums are not as flattering and toned as you want them to be, try the yoga sequence listed below:

Horse Stance

This is an effective pose to get well toned butts. You need to start on floor with knees under hips. Your hands should be under shoulders and back flat. Now extend your left arm forward keeping fingers separated. Your right leg should be at the back, parallel to floor. Hold on to this position for five breaths and release. Repeat with the other leg.

The Bridge

The bridge pose is known to be one of the best yoga poses for the butt. In fact, it is useful for the entire backside of the body. To perform this pose, you need to lie on your back with your legs together and knees bent. Make sure the feet rest flat on the floor. Now rest your arms at your sides. Inhale deeply. When you exhale, push into your feet, lifting your rear end off the floor. Your weight should be borne by the shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed and breathe.

One-Handed Wheel

Position yourself as the three-legged down dog. Now swing right leg behind body. You should pivot on left foot. Rotate the torso and open chest toward ceiling. While keeping right arm raised, palm in. With feet flat on floor (hip-width apart), knees bent and hips lifted you need to hold for five breaths.


Here, you need to step your right foot between your hands. Try to lift your torso up. Lower your hips in a way that your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for five breaths.

Upright Pigeon

Practice the one legged forward bend pose and release foot. Stand upright and bring hands to floor while stepping left leg back. Keep your knee and top portion of left foot on floor. Now slide right foot to left. Here, you should lower right knee and hips to floor. Place hands on floor and hold for five breaths.

Crescent Moon

Lower your left arm to your left leg. Now arch back making a Crescent Moon. Keep lowering your pelvis while placing right knee over your ankle. Hold the pose for 5 breaths.



really good yoga asans for great figure. but i guess along with yoga you should also take care of your diet.

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